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The Best Scent Diffusers To Beat The Winter Blahs

Shorter days, colder nights, and dreary weather make Winter one of the more challenging seasons to endure. It’s no wonder many of us succumb to a bit of seasonal depression. There is, however, one easy way to help fight the Winter blahs: by embracing the power of essentials oils – and the best scent diffusers. 

Diffusing essential oils can have a positive impact on your well being, by improving your mood, helping you sleep, and keeping you healthy. So we’ve selected 6 of the best scent diffusers that are ideal for dispersing aroma throughout your home – and making the dark days of winter a bit brighter (and smelling great too!)



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best scent diffusers

Pura Smart Diffuser

For an even smarter way to diffuse, try this clever plug in option that can easily be controlled from your phone.  You can also create custom “scent schedules” to suit your mood, adjust the intensity, and switch between two options seamlessly.



best scent diffusers

Ceramic Diffuser

This ultrasonic diffuser is as functional as it is fashionable. With multiple time settings, you can set it and forget, perfect for using a soothing scent to lull you to sleep,



best scent diffusers

USB Personal Aroma Diffuser

Bring soothing scent anywhere you go courtesy of this compact personal diffuser. Just plug it into any usb outlet (like your laptop or in the car) and you can enjoy the benefits of diffusing while you drive, work or travel.



best scent diffusers

Aera Mini Diffuser

This mini diffuser uses “microdroplet technology” to dispense fragrance as tiny scent molecules – that evenly disperse through your room. It can also be controlled by an app and works with unique fragrance capsules.



best scent diffusers

Essential Oil Diffuser With Remote

For a budget friendly diffuser (that also doubles as a color changing light) look no further that this easy remote controlled option.



best scent diffusers

Canopy Diffuser

A waterless, mistless aroma diffuser that offers both short and long term scent – in a simple compact package. They also offer custom aroma kits to boast mood, relax and unwind.