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You Should Go Here According To Instagram: Sketch Gallery

I spent the last few days in London – attending the BAFTA awards (a big congrats to all the winners) and although my trip was short and sweet, I did try to get out and see a few things while I was there. 

One of my favorite things to do while I am traveling is the ask the locals where their favorite spots are. Yes, it sounds cliche but it’s crowdsourcing at it’s finest and you always end up getting recommendations for some pretty incredible places. I was in London for a very short 48 hours (the jet lag is real) but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do my due diligence of asking for some recommendations.

Instagram weighed in on the subject, and I got an astounding number of recommendations for Sketch. The London teahouse, designed by India Mahdavi is nothing but beautiful. It’s mad hatter meets Marie Antoinette in all the right ways and although I didn’t have time to visit it, I did have time to do a little googling and these pictures were just too good not to share.

The walls are adorned with over 200 original prints and drawings by Turner Prize-winning David Shrigley, and if your guests and conversations are lackluster during your time there, then all you have to do is stare up at the walls where you’ll find pieces that speak for themselves.

Beyond the decor, the food (and tea, which they are known for) is supposed to be just as delicious as the visuals. Dinner starts in the evening but the afternoon tea (which is sounding very tempting right now) begins promptly at 11:30am. Anyone want to join me next time I am there?

“For me, pink is more than a colour, it’s a mood – pink has become my flag, a way to express strength and fragility in one colour and in one space, both have become iconic.”
India Mahdavi

It’s a cotton candy pink dream and I am here for it. I love the color, the use of unabashed whimsy that fills the space and the risks that the designer took… including these alien-esque pods that make up the bathroom area and live below a disco-themed ceiling installation. Thanks for the great recommendation instagram, and if you’ve actually been there let me know how you liked it below in the comments. I’ve got it bookmarked for my next trip and until then we’ve pulled together some of our favorite pink items to get you a little bit of the look in your own space.

  1. It’s incredible!! My buddy living in the UK booked it for us and was the highlight for our trip – none of us are seriously into tea and didn’t totally get the idea of expensive tea – but when we walked into the door we were totally transfixed – it was amazing like walking into a cloud and the eggs in the bathroom where a hilarious surprise (make sure you go into a stall to hear the sounds lol) it’s a ultimate treat!!

  2. As a londoner, I’ve been here…. It’s fantastic totally transports you into another world, the whole of the sketch gallery has different themes room by room, definitely worth a trip, especially if london is showcasing one of its many dull grey days. Nice to get a feast for eyes and get away from the chaos of Oxford Street!
    Those loos play nature sounds in them… The one I used played frog song… Haha slightly odd!