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You Won’t Believe These 24 Faux Plants Aren’t Real

Photo: The Sill

There’s lots to love about houseplants. But sometimes, a plant just doesn’t seem to love you back. Maybe your space is lacking in light (or your green thumb just never took hold). Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of greenery in your home. You simply need a plant with all the looks – and none of the maintenance. And we’ve got 24 faux plants that look so real, no one will ever know the difference! 


If the thought of a faux plant makes you think of a plastic-looking arrangement, you’re in for a big surprise!. Faux plants have gotten a lot more realistic than ever before, with varieties available in every size, species, and budget. And we’ve broken down the absolute best looking faux options on the market, from trees to tabletop, succulents to stems that are so realistic, you’ll have to do a double-take. So get ready to create some real visual appeal with these faux options.


Keep scrolling to see 24 of our favorite faux plants. And be sure to check out more of Bobby’s faux plant tips in this article from the New York Times.



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Try a faux tree in a corner to add height (when there isn’t a lot of light).


1. Faux Eucalyptus Tree | 2. Faux Bird of Paradise Palm Tree | 3. Faux Rubber Leaf Tree in Pot | 4. Faux Olive Tree | 5. Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree | 6. Faux Double Yucca Tree


A tabletop plant will add natural appeal to a bookshelf, console, or coffee table.


7. Faux Pilea Peperomioides Plant | 8. Faux Maiden Hair Fern Plant | 9. Faux Philodendren Plant | 10. Faux Potted Pothos Houseplant | 11. FauxSnake Plant In Pot | 12. Faux Evergreen Leafy Stem Plant in Vase

Style a spiky succulent or cacti to give your space Southwestern appeal.


13. Succulent in Ceramic Pot | 14. Faux Cactus With Cement Planter | 15. Faux Firestick Plant in Gray Pot | 16. Faux Aloe Plant In Pot | 17. Faux Potted String of Fishhooks Plant | 18. Faux Cactus 

A grouping of 3-5 faux stems makes for a standout centerpiece on a dining table.


19. Faux Sedum Stem | 20. Real Touch Monstera Leaf | 21. Faux Magnolia Leaf Spray | 22. Ecofaux White Quine Branch | 23. Philodendron Leaf Stem | 24. Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stem