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You’ll Want To Move Into Alicia Keys’ Stunning Home (That Inspired The “Iron Man” Movies)

There are lots of innovative and inspiring homes out there. But some spaces are just so stunning that they also end up on the big screen. Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys just happens to call one such space home -and we’re showing you all the jaw-dropping details behind her sleek space – that served as the inspiration for the blockbuster “Iron Man” movies.   

Keys and her husband, producer Swizz Beats, live in the Razor House, a stunning cliffside space designed by Wallace E. Cunningham. Perched just above the Pacific ocean, the sleek glass and concrete home is certainly eye-catching  – so much so that it inspired Tony Stark’s futuristic bachelor pad in the “Iron Man” movies. And with the help of designer Kelly Behun, the couple has created an interior that is just as inspiring as the home’s architecture, featuring a mix of modern, cozy, and eclectic furnishings.



Keep scrolling to see even more images – and a behind-the-scenes video tour – of this architectural masterpiece turned Marvel movie inspiration.  And check out more of our favorite home tours.

The Razor House

Tony Stark’s “Iron Man” House

“The interiors don’t in any way shout; they’re simple and timeless. It was never going to be about trying to upstage the natural surroundings, the architecture, or the art.”
Designer Kelly Behun