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4 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Instant Pancake Mix

Do you ever wake up in the morning craving pancakes? (Why am I even asking, of course you do!) I always keep a box of pancake mix around just in case I’m in the mood. But sometimes, a store bought mix just doesn’t have the flavor (or fluffiness) of a homemade batch. That doesn’t mean you need to throw out your mix though!


Our resident chef Zach shared with me a few little tweaks you can make that will have you eating a delicious, fluffy stack of pancakes in no time! Take it away Zach!

I have a confession to make. Although I’m a chef and love to cook things from scratch, I still use instant pancake mix. If I’m short on time, or want something simple, it’s just so easy! However, even though I’m using the mix, I still like to spruce it up a little bit with some of my own touches. So here are my simple tips to make your pancakes better!


Use milk/ alternative milk instead of water

Even though the mix may call for water, you can easily substitute that for an alternative milk (I like oat milk). You may have to add a dash more due to the difference in consistency, but it’ll taste so much better!


Add a dash of club soda

Homemade pancakes are so fluffy because when you make them from scratch, it gives them a chance to form more air bubbles. An easy hack to get a similar effect is to add about 1 tbsp of club soda per person. The carbonation will help them rise and give you those pillowy pancakes that you want.

Add some melted butter

What’s better than melted butter on your pancakes? Melted butter IN your pancakes! Just trust me on this one and try it out.

Spice It Up

Some mixes already have flavors added to them, but a little more spice never hurt anyone. I like to add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and/or vanilla extract to give it more depth in flavor. You can even add a dash of cocoa powder for some chocolate pancakes!


Try mixing and matching these methods to find what works for you, and let us know how your pancakes turn out!

  1. We add melted butter, vanilla extract or chocolate syrup with heavy whipping cream, warm water and lactose free milk. It comes out so fluffy and good to where syrup is not needed. We will sauté some apples or bananas or make a fruit compote with strawberries, and blueberries. We make whipped cream and Carmel syrup from scratch then sprinkle some oven chopped honey roasted walnuts or pecans on top.

    1. Sounds delicious! I’ll have to try that. -B

      1. Oh my, that dash of club soda worked a treat! Sooo fluffy. I always use an extra egg too, which also helps. Out favorite is along with the cinnamon, when I put the mixture in the pan I sprinkle a few frozen blueberries on (they thaw immediately in the heat). You can’t beat those pancakes for brekkie. ?

        1. Thats a great idea! Will definitely be adding that to my next batch. -B

  2. What if you try all the methods at once? Hot mess?

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    1. Check out this link for some of our favorites. Thanks for reading! -B

  4. What a great idea, will have to try this next time I have pancakes, although not sure what to use as club soda I don’t think we have that in Australia but I’ll look for something else. Thanks for the ideas sure it will be delicious.

  5. What do you cook them on.. oil? Butter? Technique to pouring? Just can’t get them right

  6. I used milk, added butter / vanilla to batter.

    DELICIOUS! Thank you.

    1. That sounds delicious! Will have to try that version for brunch sometime. xx -B