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Bobby Berk is driven by creativity, acceptance, and pushing the boundaries in the lifestyle and design space.



At Bobby Berk, we make design fun, embrace unique concepts, and are determined to be the movers and shakers in the lifestyle space. It’s no easy feat, but we work hard (and laughing is a part of our daily routine). Be a part of a growing company that encourages new ideas and team camaraderie. Bobby Berk’s mission is to empower his followers and clients by inspiring them through accessible and approachable design and lifestyle choices.



The Bobby Berk office is a creative environment built off of collaboration and connection. Based in Los Angeles, our modern office has a bright and airy work area, along with multiple spaces for team meetings, intimate conversations, or spots to enjoy the California sunshine outdoors. Our kitchen is fully stocked with healthy food but the freezer usually has a few pints of ice cream or more, so when the going gets tough you can find comfort. We also offer a hybrid work schedule that encourages creativity and embraces a work/life balance that enhances productivity.



  • California Casual: Dress your personality. While we are still a business, we want you to feel comfortable and productive in your wardrobe.
  • Rotating DJs: The beat goes on! And while it seems like a silly role, music is always playing in the office and you get to be in the spotlight. The pressure is on but the jams must play!
  • Location: Our office is located just off the 101 Freeway, and a short drive from an array of restaurants, shops, and attractions
  • Out and About: Company and team-sponsored events such as lunches, field trips, and happy hours