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Bobby’s Early Years

From Missouri to Texas to Denver, Bobby grew up quickly at a young age and driven to pursue his growing passion for interior design. He then settled in New York (for 20 years) as he immersed himself in the retail world. Working his way up in companies like Bed Bath & Beyond and Restoration Hardware, his determination, specific creative eye and love for people, gained Berk the title of Creative Director for Portico Home + Spa.

In 2006, Berk started his own company and opened his first showroom in lower Manhattan the following year. Years later, in 2015, he launched his full-service bespoke interior design practice for residential, commercial, and hospitality clientele.

Queer Eye

In addition to the rapid growth of Bobby Berk brand, his Netflix show Queer Eye has been nominated for 35 Emmy Awards and won 11, including Outstanding Structured Reality Program in 2023, for which Bobby took home his first Emmy. As the resident designer on the show and a member of the Fab Five, Bobby helps bring change to people’s lives by starting within their homes, teaching them that a happy home can mean a happy life.

Now in its eighth season, Queer Eye is one of the most popular shows on Netflix and is aired in more than 190 countries. The show is “Earnest and endearing”, and Queer Eye continues to “challenge social norms – and, in its best moments, the Fab Five themselves”.

When Bobby is not filming, he spends his time in Los Angeles, where he resides with his husband, Dewey, and dog, Bimini.

“Bobby Berk has a superpower for transforming lives and living spaces”
Los Angeles Times