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How To Propagate Plants: An Easy Method To Get Growing

With Spring in full swing, things are really starting to come alive outdoors. And as plants are popping up everywhere, we thought this was the perfect time to teach you how to match mother nature-  and master an easy method for multiplying your plant family. So get ready to get growing, and learn the simple steps to propagate your plants. 

Plant propagation is an easy method to enhance the greenery in your home. And it won’t take any fancy skills or an exceptionally green thumb! With just a bit of patience, and you can be a proud plant parent over and over again. So, ready to learn how to be a propagation pro?


Keep scrolling to learn all the details on propagation – and how you can get growing in no time.


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What Is Propagation?

So what is this fancy term (and why should you care about it?) Simply put, it’s creating a new plant by taking a cutting from an existing plant. As plants mature and grow more stems, those stems can be cut off to create new plants (that will be exact clones of the parent plant). Pretty cool huh? And the best part is you don’t have to be a master gardener to make it happen. Anyone with a healthy plant can learn to propagate. Plus, you can also save yourself a trip to the garden center (and $$$)  by propagating your own plants instead of buying new ones.



The Steps

There are a few different methods for propagation, but were sharing one of the absolute easiest – and all you’ll need is water!  This method works best with aroid plants, so grab a pothos plant, philodendron, monstera, or ZZ plant and give it a grow! 


 Look for a stem that’s at least 4-inches long and has a node (a small bump) on it. Using a pair of sharp pruning shears or scissors, cut below the node.


Fill a small glass container with room temperature water. Place the single cut stem in the water (making sure no leaves are submerged). Be sure to change the water every 3 days.


Now it’s time to be patient! Depending on the species. it can take a few weeks or months for roots to appear. Once the roots are at least an inch long, remove them from the water and plant in a small pot. (And then pat yourself on the back – you’ve got a new plant baby!)


  1. I love this because I just did some plant propagating. For Canadians, a great small woman owned business that has beautiful propagating tubes etc as well as other home decor and quality clothing is at
    I love supporting small businesses!

    1. Thanks so much for your reading. Can’t wait to visit Canada again in the future. Stay safe! xx -B

  2. Thank you so much for this. I can’t wait to try the species suggestions. It’s hard to figure out what thrives where, but a little experimentation and the ability to propagate helps! I found climbing aloe easy to propagate and doing well inside the vicinity of a window.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Good luck with growing your aloe. xx -B