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TV Living Rooms Reimagined: A Glam New Look For The ‘Golden Girls’

It’s time for another modern take on one of your favorite TV interiors! And this week, we’re going golden – with one of the most memorable shows of the late 80s and early 90s. Get ready to see your girls in a brand new setting – as we update the much loved ‘Golden Girls’ living room for a whole new generation.

Over the course of 180 episodes, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose & Sophia made us laugh, cry – and shared many, many slices of cheesecake. With their tropical Miami home serving as the backdrop for it all, these 4 characters redefined what it meant to be a senior citizen. And now, we’re redefining (and redesigning) that famous living room you know and love. So keep scrolling for our modern take on the ‘Golden Girls’ living room – including all the shoppable products!



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Photo: Getty Images, TV Land

The Original Living Room

Whether you watched the series when it originally aired or caught the reruns, it’s hard to forget this very festive living room. Rattan furniture, tropical prints, and a palette of pastels made a memorable backdrop for Sophia’s stories about Sicily, Dorothy’s deadpan replies, and Rose’s ramblings about St Olaf. The tropical location of the show certainly set the tone for many of the design choices – including the abundance of greenery and materials – while the aesthetic of the late 80s was definitely fully on display (i.e., the salmon-colored sofa).  And while some of the design choices should only remain in our memories, the sculptural shapes of the furniture and sleek architecture certainly wouldn’t be out of place in a space today.

The Redesign

If these ‘Golden’ gals were around today, we think they would be spilling the tea and sharing a laugh in this colorful and subtly tropical living room. Using Sculptural shapes, natural materials, and a palette of pink, cream, and teals, we stayed true to the space but gone one are those overtly 80s pieces- replaced by pieces that have a similar spirit, but a modern appeal. A curvy, coral sofa sets the tone, paired with pieces that offer an updated take on tropical: a circular rattan coffee table and streamlined cane armchairs. We’ve replaced the beige walls with a more appealing light pink color that adds a whole lot of warmth. For a punch of pattern, we mixed a large-scale geometric rug with tone-on-tone palm print and geometric pink pillows. An abstract framed floral print ties the whole color story together, with brass side tables and sconces bringing in that golden touch. And since this is Miami after all, we had to add some tropical foliage in the form of a potted bird of paradise plant.


1. Briana Double Sconce | 2. Abstract Botanical Framed Print | 3. Clementine Sofa | 4. Palm Pillow Cover | 5. Round Lush Velvet Pillow | 6. Pinky Beige Paint | 7. Ceramic Lyra Table Lamp | 8. Brass & Glass Frame End Table | 9. Teal Ceramic Vase | 10. Faux Bird of Paradise Plant | 11. Vertical Stripe Plant Pot | 12. Cane Armchair | 13. Embroidered Metallic Blocks Pillow | 14. Tansy Blue & Beige Area Rug | 15. Natural Rattan Round Coffee Table | 16. Ceramic Shell Bowl | 17. Cosmo Side Table | 18. Aglaonema Plant 




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