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A Lower-Body Kettlebell Workout (In Just 4 Moves)

I’m always looking for ways to get in a quick – and more efficient – workout. So instead of a complicated routine with different equipment, I asked Zach to create a lower-body kettlebell workout that’s just 4 moves – and I wanted to share it with all of you. Now go get to work!

This workout may be only 4 moves, but will leave your legs feeling the burn! The workout is done in a 10-1 format. That means you’ll do 10 reps of each exercise, then 9, then 8 all the way down to 1 of each. When you start out, try to maintain a steady pace and focus on proper form, especially the first few rounds. As you get tired the reps get lower, meaning you should be able to up the pace a little bit after the round of 5. Rest as needed.

Stagger Stance RDLs (per side)

Stand with one leg forward and the other back keeping your toes pointing forward. Hold the kettlebell on the same side of the leg that’s back. Keeping your front leg straight bend at the hips until the kettlebell is an inch or two above the ground and your torso is about parallel to the ground. Return to the top.




You don’t need a wide split, there should be about one shoe length in between your feet. You should feel this in the hamstring of your front leg and maybe some lower back. Focus on a slow, controlled descent and not letting yourself lean to one side.

Sumo Deadlifts

Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width and your feet turned out close to 90 degrees. Hold the kettlebell from the top with your arms straight down. Bend the knees and open your hips as you lower the kettlebell to the ground. Press your heels into the ground and stand back up.




Do your best to keep your feet flat and not let your toes come up. That might mean turning your feet in a little bit to ease the mobility needs.

KB Swings

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed slightly out, and knees slightly bent. Hold the kettlebell between your legs. Keeping an arch in your lower back, hinge your hips back until the kettlebell is between and slightly behind your legs. Thrust your hips forward and squeeze your glutes to swing the kettlebell up. Keep the arms straight and let the momentum carry the kettlebell up and back down.



Zach’s Tip:

Don’t overextend at the top. Some people have a tendency to push their hips forward and lean back at the top of the swing. You should finish in an upright position with your glutes squeezed and hips locked out, but not pushing forward.

Goblet Squats

Hold the kettlebell by the sides of the handle and bring it up to your chest. Keeping it tight to your chest, squat down keeping your weight back on your heels, pushing your knees out, and keeping the chest up high. Drive your feet into the ground and come back up.



Zach’s tip:

How you hold the kettlebell is up to you. Sometimes if it’s a really heavy kettlebell I prefer to hold it upside down, which can make it easier to keep up by your chest. You can also ignore the handles and grab the body of the kettlebell, which can give you more control.