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A Lower Body Workout (No Equipment Required)

When it comes to the gym, I never skip leg day. And just because most of us aren’t able to get to the gym right now doesn’t mean that has changed. Sure, it means having to do things a little different than my typical routine, but I’ve been able to get in good workouts even when I don’t have any gym equipment. Zach, my trainer and our health and wellness guru, put me through an all bodyweight leg day that I said he HAD to share with all of you.

Starting this week we are also going to be live streaming our morning workouts over on my Instagram, so if you are wanting to get a little morning sweat in before starting your day mark your calendars and tune in each morning for the workout of the day.

This workout is meant to target your lower body while getting your heart rate up and working a little bit of your core. It’s all body weight, so you can do it from home or wherever you might be. You’re going to do it as a circuit for 5 rounds with 1 minute of rest between each round. You’ll do each exercise for 1 minute moving straight into the next movement as soon as that minute is up. The goal is to keep moving for that whole minute. Aim for a manageable pace that you can keep up and focus on quality movement over quantity. Having said that, you should still try and push the pace, especially on the last round. Have a good workout!

Close Stance Squats

Stand with your heels together and your toes pointed slightly out (at about 11 and 1 o’clock). Sit back onto your heels and drop down into a squat. As you do make sure to push your knees out and don’t let them come together. Drop as low as you can without your heels or toes coming up, then return back to a standing position.

*If you struggle with ankle mobility, you can place your feet a few inches apart, but keep them close.


Start in a standing position with your feet about hip width apart. Step your right foot forward bringing your left knee forward and toward the ground, until your knee just lightly touches the floor. Use your right to press back up and step back to starting position. Repeat with your left leg. Make sure the whole time you maintain an upright torso and look straight ahead.

Hip Thrusts

Lie on your back with your feet flat and knees up. Your feet should be about hip width apart, but no wider than shoulder width. Place your hands flat on the ground next to your hips. Press your feet into the ground and raise your butt up, pressing your hips as high as you can while keeping your upper back and shoulders down. Squeeze your glutes at the top and pause for a second before bringing your butt back down.

*If you want to make this more challenging, place a weight, backpack, person or anything else on your hips to add resistance!

Lying leg raises

Lie on your back with your legs extended straight out and your heels on the ground. Place your hands flat on the ground just outside your hips. Raise your feet off the ground and toward the ceiling while keeping your butt and upper back on the floor. When you get to the top (legs and torso at 90 degrees) kick your feet up toward the ceiling raising your butt off the ground for second. Bring them back down and stop just before your heels touch the floor and then repeat.

Ice Skaters

Starting in a standing position, jump to your left landing on your left foot only. Bring your right leg behind your left lightly touching your right foot to the floor, at least a few inches past your left. As you land, let your left leg bend to absorb the impact and you step your right foot back. Bring your right foot up as you drive off the left foot and jump to the right. Land the same way you did on the left, only opposite. Keep jumping side to side for the full minute. Then take a minute rest and start right back at the top!

* To make it more challenging, try to land on one leg while bringing the other behind without touching the back foot to the ground. It requires a little more balance, but you’ll feel a much better burn!