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Back to School: 36 of the Best Desk Accessories

It’s that time of year again- back to school. And while you may have traded homeroom and pop quizzes for home offices and meetings, you can still enjoy the fun of back to school shopping!  After all, wasn’t that the best part of school anyway? 

We all remember the fond memories of heading to the school supply store to get all the goods you needed to keep you organized for the year. But just because you aren’t in school anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some of the perks of back to school season. Instead of pens, highlighters, and folders for English class, now you can get loads of fun accessories to give your desk or workspace a makeover worthy of an A+.  It’s all the fun shopping and none of the homework!

And with styles ranging from minimal to modern to colorful, there is an accessory for every space and task, whether it’s your desk at work or a home office.

We’ve compiled some of the best options for notebooks and notepads, storage solutions and desk accessories. So go ahead, do the extra credit and make your desk extra special.

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Design: TRNK

1. Riley Padfolio | 2. Planner & Spiral Memo Notebook | 3. In Check Journal | 4. Combo Planner Notepad | 5. 5 Assorted Colors Stickies Set | 6. Make It Happen Notebook | 7. Tower Notes Block | 8. Stay on Track Desktop Notepad | 9. Week to Week Desk Notepad | 10. Big Idea Sketchbook | 11. Big Dot Suede Wrap Journal | 12. Marble Memo Adhesive Notes

We love the Week to Week Desk Notepad, which can fit perfectly right above your keyboard and has a spot for each day of the week. Talk about making that todo list a little more “do-able”. The Marble Memo Adhesive Notes put a sophisticated spin on sticky notes- they look just like marble! And the Tower Notes Block can brighten up even the most basic desktop, we even have a few of them floating around our office.

Design: Stadshem

1.  | 2. Anything Scissors | 3. Morris Memos Best Friend Notepad | 4. Navy Poppin Acrylic Ruler | 5. Mixed Shapes #2 Crayons | 6. Gold Stapler | 7. Wall Grid | 8. Oak Sphere Push Pins | 9. Leather Mouse Pad | 10. Pick Me Up Pencil Set | 11. Takara Tape Measure | 12. Stainless Steel Scissors

Ok, ok… we get it. not everyone is ready to spend almost $50 on a set of crayons, but the Mixed Shapes #2 Crayons are handmade crayons for adults that will look just as good as decorative objects on your desktop, and who doesn’t want to doodle with these during a boring conference call?! Gone are the days of a boring mousepad, this masculine Leather Mouse Pad is a great way to bring warmth and earthiness to your space while keeping your tabletop clean visually. Post-it notes are only as useful as they are sticky, so this little guy can keep your most important notes handy and on display with the Morris Memos Best Friend Notepad .

1. Acrylic & Gold 3 Tier Stackable Organizer | 2. Trinkets Container | 3. Concrete Pencil Cup & Bookend | 4. G3 Dot Tray | 5. Accordion Pro Filer | 6. Acrylic Lidded Box | 7. Brass Studio Pencil Cup | 8. 6 Wood Storage Drawers | 9. Faux Leather Letter Holder | 10. Wire Metal Basket | 11. Formwork Pencil Cup | 12. Wood Mini Container

If organizing receipts or papers is not your thing then the Accordion Pro Filer is just what you need. Organizing is always more fun when it involves pretty things. The Concrete Pencil Cup & Bookend does double duty- and looks good doing it. And for a simple and modern touch and a place to store paperclips (or candy) add the Mini Wood ContainerHappy back to school shopping, and let us know if you have any questions on the product above!