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Bobby Berk’s Special Installation For Lutron: Chamber Of Light

Photo: Lutron

Light is one powerful tool in design. Light can set a mood, enhance a feeling, add much-needed function, or elevate an interior. And Lutron is one brand that knows all about using light, That’s why Bobby joined them to create a special installation that would showcase all their luminous products.  

From June 10-13th, the Lutron LA Design Studio hosted Chamber of Light, a showcase of the interplay between light and object. The experience highlighted Lutron’s lighting, shades, and controls and demonstrated how light transforms spaces. Bobby, along with designers Brigette Romanek and Dawn Bendick, created a unique lighting vignette that was part room, part art installation, and full of bright ideas. So let’s take a look at how it all came together.


The Design Brief

For the Lutron installation, Bobby and our design team were given a 10’ x 78” alcove at the LA Design Studio. The blank space would feature a ceiling fit with adjustable architectural downlights, a 3’ x 3’ window with Triathlon Roman Shades, and a linear floor lamp. Using those elements from Lutron, we were asked to create an illuminating installation that would showcase light in a dynamic and design forward way.


The Design Plan

Bobby’s design plan centered around creating an intimate seating and dining area, with a round table, chairs, and decorative accessories. But this wouldn’t be just any space. By utilizing hand-painted sketch-style black lines, it would feel like pop art come to life! The lines would outline every surface and object except for the area being illuminated by a wall sconce, which would be painted yellow to highlight (literally) the direct flow of light.


The Design Process

Bobby started by painting the entire area white. Then we brought in artist  Adele Chen of Reincarnation Paintings to add the sketchy black lines to the walls, trim, lamp, and even a plant! We also added some blue tape to map out the flow of light from the wall sconce.

Next up, Design Manager Adam Nelsen held up two pieces of artwork for scale and position, and we brought in the small table. We also lit up the space for the first time, checking out the downlights, sconce, and floor uplights.

Now it was time to add yellow paint that would match the flow of light from the sconce. We mapped out where it would hit on the floor as well to create a full conical shape. The Lutron Roman shade was also installed, and we prepped out the table with accessories.


The Finished Design

Photo: Lutron

The finished design brings together all the elements into a dynamic display of the power of light. The Lutron lighting also showcases four customizable presets – Work, Play, Dine, and Sleep – to effortlessly tailor the color temperature and brightness of the lighting to any activity or time of day. Bobby and the team loved creating this special “Chamber of Light”, and we hope it provides some bright ideas for your own home too!