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Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: A Look At The BB Edit Collections

Photo: Viby Creative

Last week, we shared how the partnership between Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes is only getting better – and introduced an exciting new way to design your home. Now it’s time to explore this unique collaboration even more – and share all the details behind the 10 unique collections from the BB Edit! 

Bobby and our design team have created 10 unique collections for the BB Edit to provide you with everything you need to create the home of your dreams! Each collection includes materials, a color palette, furniture, lighting, decor – and even fully designed rooms – all available to shop through Mine. In addition to the 10 curated collections of The BB Edit, Tri Pointe also created a Style Finder Quiz to help you discover your own unique style. So let’s discover (and shop) all the collections right now.

Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

New Mediterranean

The perfect fusion of old-world charm and contemporary flair, the New Mediterranean collection gets up-coast and personal through a harmonious blend of ocean hues and rustic natural elements. Curves reminiscent of Mediterranean archways, bursts of terra-cotta, and cinnamon-toned woods exude warmth at every turn, complemented by grounding grays and blues.  





Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Tailored Industrial

This high-contrast style makes a statement without saying a word. It’s punchy. Unapologetic. With an undeniable edge. The collection takes cues from industrial elements and scales them to the residential interior. Cozy furnishings soften up your space while maintaining a neutral and mechanized yet straightforward feel. Simply put, Tailored Industrial is tailored to the bold.



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Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Luxe Bohemian

Earthy, eclectic, and visually appealing, Luxe Bohemian strikes a balance between the refined and relaxed, introducing a rich tapestry of textures and styles to the interior of your home. Crisp whites complement warm browns and pinky-beiges, while woven materials add an element of rustic softness. A free-spirited style enlivened by eco-centric furnishings, Luxe Bohemian offers laid-back luxury on a whole new level.





Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Textural Neutral

Clean, simple, and straight to the point, this collection pairs highly textural weaves with hard-surface materials. Warm woods, organic accessories, and ambient lighting interact with black accents and subtle patterns, culminating in a synergetic look that’s polished yet soothing. Neutral in design but not in impact, Textural Neutral transforms the traditionally soft and subdued into a charismatic, cohesive space.




Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Transitional Farmhouse

Embrace the comfort of tradition with the elegance of today through the Transitional Farmhouse collection. Evocative of Spring in the countryside, this fresh take on classic farmhouse styling combines casual linens and woven textures with velvety walnut flooring and deep greens. Pops of black and industrial lighting add graphic punch to a rustic backdrop—arriving at a woodland-inspired interior that’s functional yet chic.




Photo: Kara Mercer

Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Updated Traditional

A contemporary twist on cherished classics, Updated Traditional weaves then and now with seamless harmony. This modern spin on timeless vintage favorites hinges on a diverse palette of rich oxblood, olive green, and eye-catching metallics. Like a reinvented relic from the past, warm wood tones and traditional patterns evoke a storied feel. It’s a nostalgic celebration of what was and what will be. 





Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Organic Modern

Get back to the basics with the Organic Modern collection — a tactile stimulating yet simplistic blend of nature-centric elements and organic materials. Spread across a neutral palette, splashes of black and grey offset earthier shades of sand and khaki, while bursts of lush greenery invite serenity into your space. It’s dimensional. Soulful. An impeccable cohesion of indoor-outdoor comforts.




Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Zen Sanctuary

All is airy and bright with the Zen Sanctuary collection. This tranquil style marries organic elements, sculptural lighting, and curvilinear forms, creating a mood that uplifts and relaxes. Think furnishings that bear a handmade quality, blonde wood, and sensory textures — a peaceful, personal respite. A visually minimalist mix of simple and serene, Zen Sanctuary invites a retreat-esque aura that leaves an indelible impression.  




Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Classic Mid-Century

Take it back to the 50s with the Classic Mid-Century collection — an ageless homage to our history that maximizes function and statement flair. Each element of this Americana-infused aesthetic tells a richly layered story. Playful geometrics mingle with marbled surfaces and warm brass finishes, while modern materials tie you into the present. A legacy in its own right, Classic Mid-Century provides a feeling of home preserved across decades.




Photo: Kara Mercer

Bobby Berk x Tri Pointe Homes: the BB Edit

Serene Scandinavian

We’re feeling serene with this Scandinavian-inspired collection. Minimalist furnishings against a muted canvas pair with clean lines and unencumbered spaces, inviting tranquil energy into your new home. Light-toned oak and blonde woods extend warmth to gentle pastels and cool greys, while mosaic tile and stimulating textures draw you in at every corner. It’s subtly stunning in all the right ways, with a softness that lets you sink right in.





Still not sure what. your style is? Take the Style Finder Quiz to find out!