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Bobby DIY: How To Arrange Store-Bought Flowers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means you are probably going to be purchasing flowers for your special someone. (And you’re not alone, as over 250 million stems are sold worldwide on this holiday!) But this year, we’re encouraging you to skip the premade flower arrangement and create your own stylish bouquet for a whole lot less. And Bobby is going to show you how it’s done! 

We know it’s tempting to go for the prearranged bouquet or have a florist create an arrangement for you. Yes, it’s easy and they’ve done the work for you. But, with just 3 bunches of store-bought flowers, you can create a much more eye-catching arrangement – for a lot less.

So let’s see how it’s done, and how to arrange store-bought flowers made with love – for the one you love!

How To Arrange Store-Bought Flowers

1. Grab Your Flowers 

Start by purchasing your flowers from your local grocery store or market. You’ll want to grab the following:


  • one bunch of Focal flowers (Roses, Tulips, Lilys, Dahlias, Alstroemeria

  • two bunches of Greenery (Eucalyptus or similar) 

  • three bunches of Filler flowers with smaller blooms 

How To Arrange Store-Bought Flowers

2. Prep Your Flowers & Vase 

Next, lay out your flowers and remove all packaging and any rubber bands holding stems together. Add about 5 inches of water to your vase, then trim all the stems at a 45-degree angle, which will help them soak up more water. 



TIP: Choose a vase that is slightly taller than it is wide but shorter than the height of your flowers. 

How To Arrange Store-Bought Flowers

3. Add Stems  

Starting with your greenery, arrange around the perimeter of the vase. This will help set the structure of your arrangement. Next, you’ll move on to the “focal” flower and add those evenly throughout the vase, followed by your smaller “filler” flowers. 


TIP: Be sure to trim off any leaves below the water line to prevent bacteria from forming, and add an aspirin or flower food to the water to keep flowers fresh. 

How To Arrange Store-Bought Flowers

4. Review And Adjust 

A successful and stylish flower arrangement is all about creating balance and varying your height, so take a look at the arrangement from all sides. Trim any stems as necessary. And there you have it! An easy flower arrangement that anyone can make – and everyone is sure to love!