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Bobby Tries It: The Better Way To Sharpen Knives

Photo: Tumbler

If you really want to get cooking, you have to make sure you’re properly equipped in the kitchen. Not being properly outfitted, or having gadgets that aren’t working their best, can put a real damper on your dinner prep. In particular, having dull knives is a real obstacle to proper slicing and dicing (not to mention a safety hazard). But getting your knives sharp just got a whole lot easier courtesy of a clever new product.

We tried out a new way to sharpen knives that promised to provide a flawless edge to any knife in just a few minutes. And unlike other sharpening methods, it doesn’t require pricey professional work, a tricky technique, or pushing and pulling. In fact, it’s surprisingly simple – and we’re about to show you just how it’s done!



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Photo: Tumbler


The Better Way To Sharpen Knives

With Tumbler, you can quickly and easily roll your knives to a factory-sharp finish. The patent-pending system consists of two simple items: a magnetic knife holder and a double-sided rolling sharpener. To sharpen, you simply attach your knife to the holder and then roll the diamond side of the sharpener along the knife edge (Diamond is a super hard and effective sharpening material.) Then you flip the sharper and use the stainless steel helix disc to smooth the blade and remove any grinding particles. Repeat the steps on the opposite edge of the knife, and you are left with a seriously sharp blade! We tried it on some of our most used knives at Bobby Berk HQ, and they all came out cutting like new. It’s safe to say this tool had definitely earned the Bobby stamp of approval – and is a great investment for any kitchen.







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