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Cordless Lamps Are The Viral Lighting Trend That You Can Take Anywhere

Have you ever found yourself looking to add light to an area of your home that lacks an electrical outlet? Or perhaps you long to brighten up your outdoor space. It may feel as though you are doomed to darkness (or employing an electrician or a very long extension cord). But there’s actually a product that perfectly suits these situations – and can provide lighting practically anywhere! The cordless lamp is the rechargeable solution you need – and we’re sharing 8 of the coolest options on the market.

Cordless lamps are the viral lighting of the moment. And it’s no wonder why! They’re an easy, affordable, and versatile solution to add light anywhere you need it. Simply plug in the lamp to charge it, and then enjoy days and nights of LED illumination. From outdoor entertaining to lighting up a bookshelf or bedside, here are the cordless lamps you will want to add to your home – all for under $75! 



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Gold Rechargeable Light

This petite 8″ lamp is perfect for tabletops – and can be adjusted to one of three color temperatures (bright, neutral, and warm) by tapping the top.





Green Metal Mushroom Cordless Lamp

Add a pop of color with this gorgeous green lamp. A metal shade means it will cast light downward, illuminating any surface you set it on.




Black Stick Cordless Table Lamp

Simple, chic, and totally affordable, these minimal black lamps are a no-brainer. In fact, Bobby has a handful of these lighting up his deck and back patio!




Portable Cordless Lantern

For a lamp that is made to move, try this portable lantern. A built-in handle means you can carry it all over the house, into the backyard, or even on a camping trip in the great outdoors.




Chrome Flowerpot Table Lamp

A bit of shine and a sculptural shape make this lamp a standout. When fully charged, it also offers 12 hours of continuous light.




Pink Cordless Mushroom Table Lamp

An illuminated mushroom-shaped shade gives this cordless lamp a distinctive, modern look. It’s also constructed of a recyclable and durable PE plastic.




Black Cordless Lamp With Fabric Shade

This traditional table lamp features a fabric shade that diffuses light and measures 16″ H, making it a great choice for bedside reading.




Writzer 11″ Cordless Metal Table Lamp

A chic Mid-Century-inspired lamp that features an adjustable dial to turn on and off, and comes in 5 fetching colors.