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DIY Hanging Plant Holder with Oui by Yoplait’s Limited-Edition Heritage Collection

Summer is a great time to get crafty. And since we’re all spending more time at home, it’s even easier to find time for lots of fun projects.

This summer I am excited to partner with Oui by Yoplait to help inspire you while you’re spending a little extra time at home with some DIY home décor ideas using their brand new French-Inspired Limited Edition Oui Heritage Glass Pots. Today I’m sharing a simple and stylish DIY that anyone can do (I PROMISE!) using just a few supplies.


Keep scrolling to see all the steps fo my DIY succulent plant hanger (and shop all the supplies you need).


Measure out 4 pieces of rope that are 2 yards long each and cut with scissors. 



If you don’t have a ruler to measure, use your extended arm as a guide for length.


Loop the 4 pieces of rope through a wooden ring until ends are all even.



For best results, use 5mm cotton rope.



Wrap suede string around the top of the rope



Tuck the end of the suede string in itself to secure.


Add additional string to the bottom to hold the glass pot. 



You can adjust the height of where the pot will sit in the hanger by placing the string higher or lower.


Plant your succulent in a glass pot from Oui by Yoplait’s Heritage Collection. Each reusable glass pot in the collection features a design inspired by an iconic French style – French Chic, French Modern and French Countryside. The Heritage Collection features the same subtly sweet yogurt you love, but will only be available in these adorable designs for a limited time, so make sure you collect all three for your DIY needs! Crafting has never tasted so good!



A 2 inch succulent will fit perfectly in the glass pot.


Place the pot in the hanger and hang. Enjoy!



Make sure your pot is hung securely by using a screw-in cup hook.



  1. I’n going to try as soon as I find the yogurt! I remember making lanyards with macrame, and want to add some weave at the top in between the ropes attached. Maybe I’ll post on IG if it’s worthy!!

    1. Thanks for reading and good luck with your plant hanger! xx -B

  2. Love this simple craft and so cute. I have to make one or two! Thank you for sharing. ?

    1. Thanks for reading and hope the planters turn out beautifully! xx -B

  3. Super cute! Would this design work with a larger terra-cotta pot? I have a Swedish ivy that would look great.

    1. Yes, definitely! You can also adjust the length of the rope to be a bit longer to account for a larger pot. xx -B

  4. Is it possible to get the label off like the examples you have here? Mine don’t seem to be removable but painted on like the jar design.