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Meet the Bobby Berk Team

Ever wonder how everything comes together here at Bobby Berk HQ? Well it’s definitely a team effort, so today I thought I would introduce you to that team. This talented group of people are the one’s that help make all the magic happen.  

Whether it’s designing interiors, creating content for this website, helping launch my furniture line, or generally just keeping everything running smoothly at the office, these are the names and faces behind the Bobby Berk brand. So keep scrolling to meet my whole team (and learn some fun facts about them too!)


Brady Tolbert
Creative Director



Thrifting, exploring the flea market, challenging the norm & visiting new places.



Peanut Butter. It’s more like an absolute no (insert EpiPen here). But let’s go with dislike so there’s no FOMO, of which he definitely has on occasion.


This classically trained violinist, has an eye (and ears) for perfection. Ironically, he never pulls out the (tiny) violin when things get hard-he’s the first to get his hands dirty, and his glass is always half full. Just so long as the glass is pretty and styled. Brady is a talker and lover of keeping things minimal. However, minimal does not come into effect when talking about his achilles heels, to which we will name a few: Crop tops, Cotton Candy and Dr. Pepper.

Sydney Gilbert
Brand & Marketing Consultant



Being barefoot, flower mart, Halloween & summer camp.



Sponges, Mushrooms & Socks with flip flops.


Sydney is what you would call a multi facetted person, one that represents the best of both worlds. Type A and Creative. Lets call her, Type-Ative. Manicured nails –always. Her Type A side firmly believes that having clean, nice, hands are a representation of how one takes care of themselves. Yet, on the contrary, isn’t afraid to get them dirty – be it doing yoga or a creative project. Her musical taste (some might question) is also representative of her hybrid ways. From Sean Paul to Paul Simon she is part mother, part wife, part hippie, but all good.

Adam Nelsen
Design Manager



Science, Astronomy & Art History.



Intolerance, Violence & Selfishness.


His laugh is the loudest in the room even though he’ll (probably) make you laugh the hardest. Adam is very much the “go to” even outside of his design role. As the first employee of the Bobby Berk brand, he also took on the role of learning how to make killer cocktails…every Friday here at the office. His duration of employment and his affinity for cocktails are not directly related. This Orange Country native specialty drink is a “fiery mandarin,” which is much like his personality – sweet with a kick.

Awit Bugtong
Design Manager



Family ( boys Aiden, Austin, and husband Oliver) and some “me” time. Ha! Isn’t that an oxymoron as a workin’ mama.



Ignorance and not having common sense.


Chic, almost always in black and/or white, Awit has a calm demeanor with a keen eye for new design and innovation.  The power of an introvert? We’ll tell you. Awit performed with Whitney Houston at World Cup. While she might be a homebody and not enjoy cooking, when you’ve been in cahoots with a music legend, It. Just. Doesn’t. Matter.

Andrea Levine
Design Coordinator



Animals, netflix binging & concerts (not so humble brag, met Britney Spears 2x and not too proud to beg for a third time).



Non-recyclers, bad drivers & liars.


G-O. G-O, Lets goooo! This cheerleader (and quite a competitive one) has a knack for singing oldies but will rival you in any pop culture sing off. Unrelated to anything regarding her subtle peppiness, Andrea’s grandfather invented the Ant Farm and we think is just too swell not to share. While her career isn’t quite in the insect sphere, her aspiration as a child was to be a mermaid. She is almost there…at least with her hair.

Logan Sommers
Jr Editor & Stylist



California weather, The Muppets, iced oat milk lattes, re-decorating my apartment



Fluorescent lighting, messy spaces, crowds (though at 6’6″, I totally stand out in one)


The newest member of the team, Logan is often found in deep concentration mode prepping out posts and assisting with shoots. But he’s also got a super silly side, and loves nerding out over an an amazing interior, gallery show or well designed product. He also has a mildly unhealthy obsession with his dog, Martha. But seriously, if you met her, you would too.

Liz Arellano
Design Assistant



Art museums, new coffee shops, music, plants & chihuahuas.



Mangoes, Grocery shopping and waking up early.


As our Los Angeles native (few and far between) who loves her city, an explorHER is what she is. There’s never a moment Liz isn’t on the lookout for the newest restaurant or art show. In the exploration of her city of angels, she is a self proclaimed history buff always on the hunt for vintage items and anything to inspire her wanderlust ways of traveling. Don’t let her childlike wonder fool you, she is an old soul who probably loves pralines ice cream, without the burden of shopping for it.

Janet Kim
Office Coordinator 




Going on solo trips and road trips.



Being allergic to cats – because I’m obsessed with them.


Janet is the BB team oxygen tank. Literally, we could not breathe without her. She keeps this place in order and never huffs or puffs.  Perhaps it’s her roots from being a well traveled kiddo. From Korea to Canada, her passport has been in more places than yours (probably). We will do everything we can to bring her back to LA when she travels so she doesn’t stay where she travels to. Even if it’s bribing her with private roller skating lessons because we all know she would do anything to be a pro on wheels.

Zach Feldman



Working out and cooking.  And my dog, Marco.



People who take themselves too seriously. Oh, and black licorice.


Zach is a new transplant (sorry boys, he’s straight/sorry ladies, he’s engaged) from Kansas City. His midwest demeanor is obvious because of his gentlemanly ways. To a fault, he even laughs at his own jokes- That’s LITERALLY how nice he is.  Zach is the life of the party and the first to try something new. Maybe that’s what makes him such a great chef; his risks go beyond his dishes, but certainly don’t end when the karaoke begins.

  1. I’ve met a few of your crew. Loved them.
    Look like a great team!