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Mental Health & Design: Bobby Guest Edits Sand Magazine

I’ve had a lot of titles in my life: Designer, Business Owner, TV Host. And now, I’m adding Guest Editor to that list – thanks to my recent work curating the design and mental health issue of SAND Magazine.

I’ve been a fan of Maapilim – a line of men’s grooming products-  for quite some time, so when the opportunity came along to be the first guest editor of their lifestyle magazine, SAND, I didn’t hesitate. Especially since this issue is dedicated to the intersection of design and mental health, two areas that I’m truly passionate about. Being able to educate and share my insights on how design can not only improve your life but also enhance your personal well-being, is an important task that I’m happy to take on. And today, I’m showing you exactly how the issue came to be, what’s inside, and how your space can help improve your mental health.


Keep scrolling to see the inspiration for the issue, behind the scenes of the photoshoot, and shop my favorite Maapalim products – and the design and mental health issue of SAND.


How It All Came TOGETHER


In addition to their line of stylish (and effective) grooming products, Maapilim also produces SAND, a magazine dedicated to men’s well-being and contemporary culture. After publishing 5 issues centered around everything from creativity to wellness to gender, the founders approached me with an idea to be the first guest editor- and share my own perspective on design and mental health.

And since Maaplim places a focus on producing products that not only look good, but also help enhance your personal wellness, I knew they were the ideal outlet for me to partner with, and show how our interiors can shape how we experience life.

Behind The Scenes Of The Photoshoot


To create the cover image and other content for the issue, myself and my creative team (trust me, it takes a whole team to make me the magic happen) safely came together for a photoshoot. Keeping in mind the clean aesthetic of the Maaplilm brand, and my own personal style, we created a number of setups with neutral colors, clean lines, and textural accents (and even included a piece from my furniture line!)

“For me, the key to building a healthy habit with organization and design is to start small, so you don’t get overwhelmed”

What’s Inside THE ISSUE


The issue takes a deep-dive into the correlation between design and mental health, with articles, an interview (with me), and lots of inspiring images. Through color, smart design, and daily rituals, we explore how to create – and maintain – a space that enhances your mental wellbeing. Here is a detailed look at what’s inside:


  • The Scent of An Embrace
    The story and inspiration behind the creation of one of Maapilim’s essential oils.
  • Apartment Therapy
    Exploring the connection between our homes and our mental health.
  • Heart Speak
    Bobby discusses his personal and career growth, design philosophies, and his outlook on life.
  • Walking With Chaos
    How the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 is changing the way we design our homes.
  • Designing Your Day
    Tips to make the most of your daily routines while working from home.
  • Something Sacred
    Incorporating calming elements and pieces that promote serenity into your interior.
  • Color Matters
    Bobby breaks down the role that color plays in shaping mood – and mental health.
  • A Room Of His Own
    Transform your bathroom into a soothing space for self-care.


  • Kitchen Memories
    The positive effects of time spent in the kitchen, plus Zach’s recipe for Jackfruit Tacos.
  • Room To Delight
    The simple pleasures that can enhance every room in your home.
  • Clean Bedroom, Clear Mind
    Ways to create a calming bedroom that encourages rest and relaxation.
  • Finding Your Fitness
    The importance of physical health and creating a long-lasting fitness routine.
  • Design For A Change
    Bobby shares how design can improve our lives, and a Queer Eye makeover that made all the difference.
  • Collection Of Comfort
    The comforting details behind Bobby’s line for A.R.T. Furniture.


CLICK HERE to order your issue of SAND. And remember to take time for yourself, stay safe, and stay well. Lastly, I want to take the time to thank the incredible team that brought this issue to life:

Creative Direction: Brady Tolbert

Photography: Luke Austin

Grooming: Paige Davenport

Styling: Luca Kingston

and of course the incredibly talented team at Maapilim… THANK YOU!