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Mindful Productivity: 6 Ways To Maintain Your Mental Health (While Getting Things Done)

 Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in just trying to keep up – with work, family, and all the other endless responsibilities in life. But staying productive and doesn’t mean you should sacrifice yourself – or your mental health. It’s just as important to focus on you as it is the task at hand, and we’re sharing 6 tips to do just that – by practicing mindful productivity.  

Consider mindful productivity a way of staying present and aware while taking on any task – big or small. While it’s easy to fall into “autopilot mode” and lose touch with our surroundings, ourselves, and our feelings, a few small adjustments can keep you better connected (and even healthier and happier). Plus, a mindful outlook also means that when things don’t go as planned, you can take a breath and regroup – without feeling defeated. So get ready for a new outlook and a more mindful way to get things done.


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1. Don’t Pressure Yourself 

We often place unrealistic expectations and time frames on ourselves and others. (And a fast-paced culture that expects instant results only adds to it.) But letting go of the pressure to be uber-productive means you can really focus on what’s in front of you – and feel better while doing it. Instead of powering through as much as you can each day, try prioritizing your tasks and working through them at a pace that actually works for you.


2. Find Your Flow 

We’re not talking about a gentle river here. This type of flow is the mental state where you feel effortlessly focused and fulfilled while pursuing a goal. And while it might not be achievable with every task, there are steps you can take to really get in the zone. Keeping your mind focused on the work, eliminating distractions, and always keeping a goal in mind are 3 ways to help you get to that sweet spot.


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3. Stay In The Present 

Focusing too much on the future is the easiest way to get overwhelmed (and miss out on the daily delights). So practice staying present and focusing on the tasks at hand – without getting caught up in what’s to come. If you find your mind wandering to the future – just give yourself a gentle reminder and take a deep breath. This will lead to a better mindset overall, can help ease anxieties, and make you better appreciate the opportunities of each new day.


4. Practice Self Compassion 

You might be your own worst critic (guilty), but what if you could actually be your biggest fan? Adopting an attitude of compassion instead of criticism is what we all need when talking to ourselves. Instead of placing the blame on yourself when you make a mistake or fail at a task, offer some support instead. Think about how you would respond to your best friend when they face adversity – and then apply those kindhearted words inwardly. Over time, you’ll start to realize the impact of self-compassion and how it can keep you positive through all your pitfalls.


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5. Express Your Emotions 

Bottling up your emotions is never a good idea – especially when those feelings are distracting you from actually getting work done. So find a positive outlet for expression, whether it’s a therapist, a trusted friend, or even journaling. Sometimes, just talking (or even writing) about your mental state can make you feel better. And when you let go of negative feelings, frustration, or anger, you open yourself up to all the positive things that can replace them.


6. Create A Space That Helps You Center

Last, but certainly not least, find a physical environment that puts you in a positive mental state– and gets you ready to be productive. If you’re working from home, this could be as simple as adding elements to your desk area that enhance your well-being, like a calming candle, photos of loved ones, or a pretty potted plant. At the office, you can always use headphones and a soothing soundtrack to get yourself centered. Adding whatever elements that you connect with can be a great self-care supplement and keep you mentally and physically focused.


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