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Our Design For The Real Simple Home 2023

We’ve designed all sorts of spaces over the years. But for our newest design, we’re hitting new heights! As part of the Real Simple Home 2023, we’ve created a luxe living room in a NYC highrise! And you’re about to see how we made this sky-high design come together. 

For our latest design project, we’re moving on up – literally! This Living Room just happens to be on the penthouse floor of a brand-new building in Brooklyn, NY. With sweeping views of NYC, it was a stunning backdrop to work with and an inspiring blank slate for our design. So keep scrolling to see our design – and shop all the products we used to bring it to life.




real simple home 2023

The Inspiration 


For this sky-high living room, we were inspired by bright colors and clean lines. We wanted to go a bit brighter than usual, adding pops of saturated primary colors set against warm neutrals for a playful but sophisticated tone. A combination of intriguing silhouettes and rich textures will help to maximize – and not work against – the amazing penthouse views. Natural materials like walnut, stone, wool, and jute will balance with modern geometric prints, striking art, and statement lighting. The design will incorporate a cool and tailored quality, with a minimalist approach to accessories and styling that is synonymous with Bobby’s signature style. 

real simple home 2023

The Layout


For the living room layout, we aimed to create an intimate but open seating area. A large sofa and a pair of armchairs would create an L-shape in the corner, with an additional chair set to the right. This allowed for an ideal flow and plenty of space to enter and exit the room. A pair of ottomans would provide extra seating, without taking up very much floor space, and two separate consoles along the walls offer storage.

real simple home 2023

The Design


With floor-to-ceiling windows on 2 walls, the biggest challenge to this design was to make a modern, glass box feel cozy and inviting. To do so, we started with the color palette: blues, reds, greens, and peach tones. Anchoring the space we brought in a blue rug, then added some curves to all those hard edges: a sculptural, rounded sofa, a plush armchair, round ottomans, and a squiggly sconce. We made sure that all the seating was low-slung (so as not to interrupt or compete with the jaw-dropping view). Geometric art, cool accessories, and lots of fun textures and shapes finish things off, making this sky-high design for Real Simple anything but simple!


Keep scrolling for more photos – and to shop alL the products we used!