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Organic Modern At Heatherly

Neutral tones in perfect harmony with organic and modern materials

Measuring 1,691 sq feet, this 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath home for Tri Pointe Homes is a celebration of nature-centric elements and organic materials. The limited color palette is focused on earthier tones of ivory, black, sand, khaki, and camel, while tailored architectural details and clean lines juxtapose with rustic woods, natural fabrics like linen, and textural materials. The incorporation of leather and rattan creates tactile stimulation, but the use of plenty of patterns makes for a compelling design. This home may be visually restrained, but certainly proves that organic modern, and neutral interiors are anything but boring. This home is also part of Bobby’s exclusive collaboration with Tri Pointe Homes, including 10 unique design collections. See even more details about this home HERE.