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Woodlands Reserve – Warm & Welcoming Mid-Century

Giving classic Mid-Century design elements warm and welcoming appeal.

For this project, also part of the Woodlands Reserve community by Tri Pointe Homes, we took a moodier approach to the design. Envisioned as a “Mad Men” inspired retreat for the 21st century, this interior is a study in contrast, warmth, and, of course, Mid-Century inspired touches. A minimal palette of black, white and gray sets the stage for the entire home. For materials, we chose rich walnut, brass, and dark stone, which feel both classic and modern when applied to cabinetry, hardware and walls. Subtle patterns, from stripes to geometric shapes, also add depth and interest. Streamlined Mid-Century inspired furniture and lighting further enhances the interiors, linking it to the past, while also embracing the present to create a welcoming and warm home. See eve more of the home HERE.