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Terracotta Pumpkin DIY: An Easy Way To Create Festive Fall Decor

If you ask us, it just isn’t fall without all things pumpkin. From flavored foods to all things pumpkin spice inspired, we can’t get enough of this seasonal favorite. And we’ve got one more way to bring pumpkin into your home this Autumn – with a sophisticated but simple terracotta pumpkin DIY. 

You may have seen terracotta pumpkins pop up as one of the newest autumnal trends. And while a store-bought version can cost you quite a bit, our easy DIY gives you a similar stylish result – for a whole lot less. Keep scrolling to follow the oh-so easy 3 steps and create you own terracotta pumpkin DIY that will be a great looking fall accent for years to come!



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terracotta pumpkin diy

Supplies Needed


Faux Pumpkin(s)

Matte Acrylic Paint

Baking Soda

Containers for Mixing Paint


Painter’s Drop Cloth

Plastic Gloves


Mix the acrylic paint with baking soda in a 50/50 ratio in your container. (This mixture will create a textured look that mimics terracotta). It should be somewhat thick, with the consistency of a paste, and you can adjust the ration to create more or less texture if you like. (We used black, ivory and orange and ivory paint colors mixed together to create a deep terracotta).




Lay down a drop cloth to protect your surface and wear gloves to keep your hands paint free.


Apply your paint mixture to your pumpkin in an even coat. Allow to fully dry, and then add a second coat. For a more aged terracotta look, leave some areas of the pumpkin with less paint, so it appears as if it has faded over time.




We recommend using a chip brush that will provide lots of texture as you apply the paint.


Once the paint has fully dried, display your newest seasonal decor! A large grouping will look great on a porch or deck (just be sure it’s covered so the pumpkins are not fully exposed to rain) or display one solo anywhere inside your home!




To make your pumpkin look even more rustic, pour a little flour on it after the paint has dried and rub it in.

Ready to give this DIY a try? Let us know your your terracotta pumpkins turn out in the comments below!