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The #1 Thing To Do Before Designing A Room

There are certainly a lot of components, criteria, and decisions that go into any interior design project. But one very important step stands out as the most crucial when creating a space you really love. And you’re about to discover what it is – as we share the #1 thing to do before designing a room. 

Ready to design a room in your home? There is definitely something you need to know – and do – before you start. It just requires a bit of attention and time, but will definitely pay off (in the form of a stylish space that really works)! Ready to find out what it is? Just keep scrolling. You can also learn even more tips for designing your home in Bobby’s new book, Right at Home!



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designing a room

The #1 Thing To Do 

Well, here it is. The most important thing to do before designing your space is to PLAN AHEAD. Taking time to really think about your room, how you will use it, and what makes sense for the space will ensure it’s cohesive, the process goes smoothly (and you won’t experience any frustrating issues down the road).


So what exactly do we mean by plan ahead? To give you an idea of some tangible actions you can take before you bring anything into a room, here are three specific ways to plan.


    First things first, you want to know exactly how big your room is. Take measurements of the length and width, along with the ceiling height, and size of windows and doorways (so that sofa doesn’t get stuck).


    You can then compile all the things that will actually go into the room. Start savings images of the furniture, lighting, rugs, paint colors, and accessories (we suggest using Pinterest to keep track of all the design elements in one easy-to-access digital space). From there, you can pull everything into a mood board and review the overall design of the space.


    Whenever possible, see furnishings IRL. Request fabric swatches, sit on chairs and sofas, and get paint and finish samples. This will give you an exact idea of what something looks (and feels) like – and whether it works in your room.


  1. Excellent ideas! I recently bought a binder to keep all my home info in, with a printed floor plan and checklists for each room. You can slip inspiration pictures in clear plastic sheet protectors. All you need is a tape measure and you’re ready to shop!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and love that binder idea!! xx -B

  2. Hi! Could you please tell me where to purchase the coffee table in the living room photo above? I love it!

  3. Hello Bobby, I love the floor lamp!
    Would you share the source?
    Thank you!

      1. Hi Bobby,

        Thank you for sharing these helpful hints. I love the measuring idea(something I don’t always do and find myself in a bind). Your style and insight is amazing and greatly appreciated!

        Thank you!

        1. Thanks so much for your comment! Yes measuring is something that a lot of people miss but it’s crucial to get the right sized pieces for the room. xx -B