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The Earthy Color We’re Fully Embracing

To say we’re obsessed with interior design is an understatement. If we’re not selecting furniture for a new project or giving our own homes a seasonal update, we’re most definitely gleaning design inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. All of this so-called “field research” has led to a slight obsession with one particular color ahead of spring 2019: Moss Green.

We know florals and earth tones are the “it” colors for spring, nothing ground breaking- but give us a moment of your time. Not only is this earthy hue evocative of springtime and all of its inherent symbolism, we love that it adds a subtle pop of color to a space without being overwhelming. Green will always be a color that can be used in every single room especially when it is used in the right tones.


It appears that we’re not the only ones with green tones on the brain. PPG Paint named “Night Watch,” a deep shade of green, their official color of the year for 2019, while a Pinterest trend report highlighted emerald as one of the top engagement ring stones of the year, Domino reports.

Meanwhile, the fashion set has been preoccupied with green for months now, and if the street style and runways at New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week were any indication, the trend isn’t going anywhere. 


In the home, we recommend pairing moss green with whites and greys, in addition to gold accessories, marble, and natural materials like rattan and wood. Keep scrolling for six low-lift ways to incorporate the trendy hue into your space this season, and keep an eye out for the Bobby Berk x A.R.T. Furniture collection, debuting this fall, for a few brand-new pieces in the earthy color. You didn’t think that we could talk about the trend without actually implementing it ourselves did you? 

Photo: Patrik Argast
Design: Will Wick

Get out your paint brushes

If you’re looking for a long-term commitment to moss green, why not go for a statement wall or colored kitchen cabinetry? We’d argue that this is the perfect paint color for minimalists looking to add a touch of color to their space—it’s just bold enough to add interest, but will still blend in with an otherwise pared-back interior. We love the look of Farrow & Ball’s Ball Green. To keep it from feeling too bold and colorful pair it back by using neutral furnishings and textiles to calm the earthy hue.

Design: Fanny Lovisa

Bring The Outdoors InSIDE

No room is complete without a bit of organic greenery, and while you might not be ready for a moss green bed, every room is ready for a bit of life. For something more low-lift, opt for on-tone plants like eucalyptus, succulents, spider plants, staghorn ferns, and air plants. Retailers like West ElmMagnolia Home, and CB2 now offer incredibly lifelike faux botanicals if you’re not quite ready to become a plant parent. Maybe we should even do a faux plant roundup?

Photo: Cultiver

Introduce on-tone textiles

Arguably the easiest way to hop on a color trend is to buy throw pillows, blankets, or towels in the hue of the moment. We love Target’s take on the earthy color with their velvet lumbar pillow from Project 62, while The Citizenry’s Egyptian cotton bath towels offer a slightly more minty take on the trend. The best thing about textiles is that they can easily be swapped out when you are ready for a change.

Design: Betapet


Wallpaper is one of the most transformative things that you can do to a room. Not to mention there are so many patterns that you can choose from. If you’re scared to permanently do anything to your walls then grab a temporary solution like those from tempaper. They are peel and stick and can easily be done in an afternoon. If you’re ready to go bold there are some really fun botanicals out there on the market now that don’t feel too overdone, but if you lean more subtle then you can still get the look with a solid or a grasscloth wallpaper which will give you a little bit of texture.

Design: Suite NY

Commit with moss green furniture

Rather than peppering moss green textiles and accessories throughout your space, make a long-term investment with furniture. Don’t be scared – it’s a bold move that can transform the look of your room and create a conversation piece. Our Olafur sofa, which is coming out this fall – yes we are just as excited as you about the Bobby Berk for A.R.T. collection – is the perfect moss green addition to any space. We’d recommend pairing it with coffee table in a natural material like wood or marble and adding a pop of metallic next to it with a brass floor lamp.


Your first thought when trying to work green into your home might not be through the lighting, but adding a little touch of the color up near the ceiling will bring your eye up and also create a statement in the moss green tone. If pendants don’t work for you then it can also be worked in through table and floor lamps as well as through a green fabric shade. The subtle hint of green in an all white room is an interesting statement that brings the color into your space without having to feel like the hue has taken over.

  1. Green with envy. I saw your collection on AD and am counting down the days until it is available to the public. So many pretty pieces.

  2. Any suggestion on how to hang wall paper? I love the way it looks but timid on how to put it up- especially if it needs to line up.

    1. If you are hanging traditional wallpaper then I’d recommend hiring a professional installer but if you are hanging tempaper then go for it yourself. It is very forgiving and can easily be peeled back up to realign it if you need to. Best of all it’s removable.

  3. Where can I find green pendants like those!? Swoon. Thanks!

  4. Oh…oh yes. I just got SO many ideas for our master bedroom! I was thinking of a pale green but I may reconsider entirely now. Moss green seems like it’d let the beautiful wood of our large bed frame really shine without taking over the room, too.

  5. I love the layers of forest floor colors! Makes me want to crawl into bed and camp out with an all day Jammie day with my husband and daughter. French press coffee on the side table, books, laughs, Uno (my daughter will try to stack the deck in her favor with Draw 4’s). I just want to curl up! Have you heard of the candle company Tatine? They have a scent called, Tabac, that’d I’d have in this room (I have zero affiliation) – they also have one called, Forest Floor and it would be perfection as well. ? Love Love Love everything about this! The layers of mossy and fern greens remind me of my childhood with my dad. I want to be enveloped! Great inspiration! Thank you!

  6. Love, love, love this color! It’s so soothing to this gardener’s eye!

    1. No need for a green thumb with these tips! Hope you enjoy

  7. Beautiful! Everything you do is just beautiful! I never would have thought of wallpaper to have a view of the outside inside. Thank you!!

  8. Any suggestions on not overly expensive bedding in that colorway? I’ve seen it all over Insta (along with that beautiful terracota bedding) but have only found sources that sell linen bedding at high prices.

  9. I have a velvet green couch and am looking for another couch to go with it, but I’m not sure what color to pair it with. Very glad I came across this post!

  10. Any idea where I can find the wooden desk that has the tom ford book in it? Keep up the good work, Bobby!

  11. Love the moss green – can’t think of an accessory I own that wouldn’t look great. Sapphire, Amethyst, Fuschia, even a little Canary Yellow would add a gorgeous spark. Goodbye shades of grey.

  12. Love the show & all the boys, but you really rock in what you do! Awesome ideas & a great eye! ?

  13. I once read feng shui does not recommend green for a bedroom…causes the male partner to stray.

  14. Great ideas. Love it, specially the wall paper.
    I think you inspired me to take a risk …. but is for the social WC witch is small. Should the print be smaller too????
    Love your site ??

  15. I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in. We have white furniture in our bedroom (head board, dresser) and I would love to do a moss green accent wall but I am stuck on what to paint the 3 other walls. Any suggestions?

  16. I absolutely love your ideas! I’m actually looking for a dark green I can paint my living room with. I really love the colour in the first picture but it’s not ball green from farrow and ball is it? It seems like a much lighter green.
    If someone knows what colour that is I would highly appreciate it! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  17. The house I just moved in is this exact color so I love this article!!! Plus I love some Bobby Berk 😉 I feel like modern wood furniture really works for this style. Only problem I have with that is most modern pieces are made of manufactured wood. How do you feel about that? I can’t get past the cheap feeling of it.

  18. Just found your site
    Love your philosophy of less is more
    Relaxed & boho?? That’s what I see
    Thank you for sharing

  19. Where is the comforter or duvet from in the cover photo of this article? It’s a mossy green with a black throw on the bed! Thanks!

  20. LOVE the newsletter!!!! Sooooooooo well curated!
    thank you!

  21. Winter feels long in New Jersey. To see and feel Spring is to see and feel green. To leave the fireplace of a farm house and be outside is to add another room to my home. Green inside makes my winter not so long.

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