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Year of Improvement: 4 Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

Long days and warm temperatures make summertime the time to be outdoors. But to really enjoy your outdoor space more, you need more than just a sunny day. You also need to think about a few other elements that will enhance your experience.

These four simple tips are each an easy way to make your time outdoors this summer even more comfortable. So let’s discover them all – and our product picks to make them happen on your patio, porch, or backyard – right now!



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Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

Add Some Essential Shade

We all love a sunny day – until we start sweating. Thus, without the proper shade, your outdoor space isn’t going to be comfortable (or useable) during the peak hours of the afternoon. That’s why a bit of shade is essential in the summer. To keep cool, opt for anything from a freestanding pergola, a fabric shade sail, or the classic patio umbrella to offer you relief from the sun’s intense rays.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

Get Rid Of Bugs

Don’t spend your entire summer shooing away flies from your food and swatting buzzing mosquitos. Instead, manage bugs and avoid bites for a more pleasant time outdoors. If you’re looking for the most effective (and costly) solution, a screened porch will allow you to enjoy nature with bugs safely at bay. But for even easier pest management, add a repellant coil, tabletop fans, or a rechargeable repeller to outsmart insects.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

Use Water To Mask Noise

Even the most beautifully appointed outdoor space can be spoiled by a certain sensory intrusion: noise. But a soothing solution can help dampen sound waves, and a trickling fountain is a great way to camouflage noisy neighbors or traffic. (Even at  Bobby Berk HQ, we use a fountain to mask traffic noise from a nearby freeway.) However, if water isn’t quite working, you can also opt for bringing out a portable speaker to drown out noise with your own soundtrack.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

Cover Your Furniture 

To keep enjoying your outdoor space for many years to come, you will also want to take proper care of your furniture. While most seating and tables are made of weather-resistant materials, covering any upholstered cushions will ensure they don’t get rained on (which can cause mold) or fade from sun exposure. And you don’t have to purchase custom covers either. ULTCover makes covers in hundreds of sizes for tables, seating, umbrellas, and more!