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7 Paint Treatments To Give Your Walls An Upgrade Right Now

We’ve all heard that paint is one of the most transformative things that you can do to a room, and we are here to echo that statement. It is transformative – but paint goes far beyond just a wall-to-wall treatment.


We’ve talked about how to update your cabinets using paint, and also given you a few tips on how to make a small room look bigger using paint. And today, we are still on the subject of paint. But instead of telling you to grab a can of paint and roll it on all four of your walls, we are showing you 7 easy ways to introduce paint to your walls in unconventional ways. So whether you lack architecture, want to visually expand the size of your room, or add a focal wall, we’ve got you (and your walls) covered. Keep scrolling to see all of our ideas below.


This one isn’t new to design, but the easy treatment is very impactful which is why we are including it here. Painting the lower half of a wall one color and then leaving the upper half a different color AKA colorblocking is a surefire way to allow paint to create interest in a room. Here, the room reads pretty traditional but is modernized by the light blue paint that spreads across all the surfaces and cuts the room in half (molding and all).

Photo: Remodelista


At one point or another, we have all lived in a space that lacks a bit of architecture or character. You know the type of space – white walls with little to no architectural features. Hello, drab dorm room or first apartment. Well to combat the blank canvas, you can add your own architecture to the room by creating it with paint. This hallway tricks the eye with its “painted wainscotting” treatment that goes halfway up the wall and visually gives your eye the sense that there is wainscotting when in fact it is all just a paint trick.


Think of this as the “what’s behind door number 2” trick. It’s a fun little surprise that can be added to just about any room by painting the room and the doors one color and leaving the other room it is connected to white. It creates a pocket of color within your space that adds interest and a jolt of color but can also be closed off when you don’t want to see it all the time. Now you see it, now you don’t.

Photo: Wendy Fenwick
Design: Juliette Wanty


We talked earlier about creating architecture with paint, and this treatment is for accenting the architecture that you already have in the space. Whether you paint the inside of a doorway or the line of an archway like you see here. Using paint to accent architecture already in your space can make it even more impactful.

Photo: Agent Bauer


Sometimes less is more – and by that, we mean less variation in color. The monochromatic look may not be for everyone but if you are ready to commit to one color then it is a dramatic look that can totally transform the look of a room. Bonus points for painting your piano the same color as the wall, but definitely not required.

Photo: Line Klein
Design: Jotun


The accent wall is making a comeback in design, and for good reason. It can add a focal wall to your space – but we love the thought of carrying it just beyond one wall like they did here. In this case, the clean lines and muted tone allow the color to create interest without having it grab all the attention in the room.

Photo: Living Etc


Who needs art when you have paint? This treatment is one that, like the monochromatic look, may not be for everyone. But if you are ready to go bold then grab some painters tape, paint out a few shapes on your wall and go for it. We’d recommend keeping it monochromatic in tone and sticking to a few shades of the same color like they did here with the green so that it doesn’t start looking too busy. Have fun with it and you can always paint over it if you get sick of it.

  1. LOOOOOVE that green focal point on the door!! I never thought of that It’s outstanding!

    1. Same! It’s such a fun way to add a pop of color – do you think you’d be daring enough to pull it off in your own space?!

  2. My kitchen cabinets desperately need a paint job but I am baffled as to the color choice! Blue, gray, shiny black, white??? I just don’t know!!

    1. A rich blue/green on the bottoms and a go-with-it white on the tops.

    2. Love it, can’t wait for more of your crash courses.

    3. Have you tried taking an object you love or a a print or hanging … essentially something that you want to have on display in your kitchen and using that as a starting point fir color selection?

  3. Bobby! Your work is incredible! PLEASE point me in the direction of that deep rich green… I can’t seem to find a deep, luxurious green that I love! Any recommendations?

    Love you and the guys! SO much love to you!

  4. Bobby! You are our kitchen savior! Could you tell me what color blue is used in the kitchen shown above? I just love how welcoming it is. It looks brighter than the Hague Blue you mentioned in the kitchen cabinet article… Any help would be so appreciated!

  5. omg what is that blue color in the first photo? The lower half of the room with the gorge marble floor? I need that color! In fact, what is the top color too? : )

  6. Bobby, any tips on how to go about getting the straight line. Masking tape? But how do you ensure it’s straight?!!!

  7. love all of these ideas!

  8. Yay! I’m so happy to hear accent walls are coming back! Any suggestions on – blue paint color for large master bedroom wall behind bed??

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