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5 Of Bobby’s Favorite Dog Products

Photo: Sara Tramp

There’s nothing like the special bond between a pet and its owner. It’s something Bobby and his dog Bimini know all about. And like any discerning dog dad, Bobby has discovered all sorts of items he prefers for his pooch. So we’re sharing 5 of his favorite dog products for walks, playtime, sleeping and even getting stylish.  

If you treat your dog like a member of the family (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to keep your fur baby comfy, content, and looking cute. Just take a cue from Bobby and Bimini – and discover all his favorite dog products to pamper your pup (and make dog parenting a little easier too).



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Bobby can’t live without this easy solution for keeping poo bags out of your hands (and further from your nostrils). A simple attachment, it hangs from your dog’s leash and securely holds a bag (or two) – leaving your hands free to hold that morning cup of coffee or push a stroller. And when you’re ready to toss it in the trash, simply pull up to remove it.




Calming Donut Bed

There’s nothing that Bimini enjoys more than getting cozy in this super soft and snuggly bed (well, maybe a belly rub). And your dog will also love the plush fill and high bolster sides that make it perfect for an afternoon nap. Plus, the entire bed is machine washable for easy cleaning.




Wild One Leash

Whether on a hike, at the park, or strolling around town, this is Bobby’s preferred leash. Made of a durable flex-poly coated nylon, it’s easy to clean and won’t tangle. Plus, it can be quickly adjusted to two different lengths should you need to reign in your pup.




Denim Stripe Dog Bandana

Bimini always looks her best in this cute, easy-tie bandana. Made from pre-consumer denim scraps that have been re-spun into new fabric, it’s equally stylish, sustainable, and made in the USA.




Kong Toy

For an easy way to keep your pup entertained, just pick up this clever Kong toy. Once you fill the inside with treats or peanut butter, your dog will go wild licking and chewing it (just like Bimini). It also comes in 5 sizes to perfectly fit any dog’s bite.