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Black Bedrooms: Can They Really Help You Sleep Better?

Design: Pella Hedeby

Over here at Bobby Berk, you know that we don’t shy away from a dark inky color. Have you seen the all-black kitchen we designed? But, how does the moody tone hold up in the bedroom? 

There are some that say that having a dark color in the bedroom neutralizes the space which then promotes a more restful night. And others that say that the dark color makes it hard to do anything (besides sleep) in your bedroom because it sucks the light out.

While we can’t confirm or deny the actual sleeping benefits of having a dark bedroom. We love it either way, and we love seeing it used when done right. So how do you do it right?

We’ve talked about how using a dark color on your walls can make your space feel larger and more open, and today we are leaning to the dark side by pulling together some of our favorite dark bedrooms for your viewing pleasure. We’ve got a roundup of all of our favorite paint colors, and if you aren’t ready to fully commit, keep scrolling to see our suggestions to bring in the look in a little more subtle way (hint: it’s easy and affordable).

Photo: Dag Raden
Design: Heem

Our Favorite Dark Paint Colors


  • DOWNPIPE by Farrow and Ball


  • KENDALL CHARCOAL by Benjamin Moore


  • BLACK MAGIC by Sherwin Williams


  • PITCH BLACK by Farrow and Ball


  • RAVEN BLACK by Valspar


Photo: Pia Ulin
Design: Lotta Agaton
Photo: Dag Raden
Design: Heem



So what happens if you aren’t TOTALLY ready to join the dark side? We suggest bringing in the color by adding dark sheets and blankets into your room. It’s a very non-commital way to try the color out and can always be mixed with existing white sheets to give balance to the look. We’ve linked up a few of our favorite blankets, sheets, and pillows above to get the look. Do you think you could bring the black look into your own room? Let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions in the comments below.

  1. Love the darker room idea! I have a little problem putting it into practice. I live in a rental apartment so, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot I can do to the walls. They’re very bland and artwork definitely adds dimension but doesn’t seem to out-do the beige. Suggestions on how to darken walls I don’t own? #RentalLife

    1. Hey, Emma! I’m no design expert, but I’ve seen some really nifty peel-n-stick wallpapers at my local home depot before. While I’ve yet to see an all-black one, they do have some chalkboard ones you could look at!

  2. Hi there! Love this piece on dark rooms!!! We are about to paint our son’s north facing bedroom in Farrow&Ball Hague Blue. We are thinking of totally going for it and painting the walls, trim & ceiling. Our plan is to put in hardwood (Australian Cypress) and use a lot of beautiful wood accents (including his bed) and also use some metal accents in the room. Would love your opinion on doing the trim & ceiling in the dark color and wondering if you might have suggestions for alternate colors for the trim & ceiling. Thanks in advance!
    Brooke Nahlous

  3. Yes, we painted our whole bedroom black using Farrow & Ball Blue Black and we were renting. It was the best thing we did and both my partner and I immediately started sleeping better. We kept the bedding in pale pink and used framed art for some reflection. I assumed when we left we would have to paint it back to its original Benjamin Moore Oxford White, but the new renters loved it! Whew….I would do it again.

  4. Hi Bobby and team!

    I was thinking of redecorating my cubicle, and I suddenly remembered your advice on how to decorate with black as the main color scheme to add depth. I’m going for black and rose gold/copper… I’m hoping you can post advice on how to decorate a cubicle. Like most people, I practically live at work, and I want my cubicle to be something I look forward to being in. Thanks!

  5. This article is a source of inspiration for me, it helps me a lot in sleep problems.
    I also used this Rain Sounds to fall asleep easily.
    Thanks, keep it up!

  6. Hey Bobby, I am thinking about doing a black bedroom and ceiling, but feel like some white crown molding would go a long way. I love the Heem designed room and have similar floors. Any crown moldings that you’d recommend? Or should I leave it modern and bare?

    1. I love the drama of a black bedroom. I’d definitely add some modern crown molding to it and also leave the ceiling white so that it doesn’t visually feel too heavy and dark in there. Can’t wait to see! xx -B

  7. Hi Bobby,
    Last year I painted our master bedroom, walkthrough closet, and bathroom with a dark, Black Truffle, Fresco Lime paint and we LOVE it! I’d fallen for the beautiful dark interiors on many UK- based instagram accounts such as @AbigailAhern , @rockettstgeorge , and @theReverendSister . It probably sounds horrid but the end result is anything but! Our bedroom is gorgeous to us. I painted the walls, ceiling and skirting all this Black Truffle. I changed the fixtures to dark and even painted previously white vents, air returns, and window trims the same color so nothing stands out to distract your eye. The fresco lime paint is a natural pigment paint and the brush strokes are visible for a subtle and more natural look that, to me, lends a certain sophistication to the areas. You literally sink into this room. Relaxing in the evening in this cozy space can be compared to a luxurious lingering hug. It’s so chill. It’s the only space I’ve ever lived in that just makes me sigh with happiness. Corny but true.

    Another area where I’ve used a different type of dark paint is a hallway that I painted with Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. It’s a gallery hall with framed silhouettes floor to ceiling. I’d encourage anyone to try just one wall of a dark color first and then if they love it – to continue on wherever else. Happy decorating!!

  8. Loved the paint colors for bedroom. I worked nightshift for many years and had to sleep daytime. I did paint my bedroom Avery dark denim blue color and added dark film to windows and added curtains that stop sunlight with room darkening sheers. I slept like a baby. Had to put phone on silent.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Your bedroom paint color sounds dreamy. xx -B