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Bobby Berk for A.R.T. Furniture: How it All Came Together

By now, you may feel like you’ve seen it all when it comes to Bobby’s furniture line for A.R.T. We also gave you all the deets on last week’s launch party. But today, we’re giving you even more and going behind the scenes on how the line actually came together.   

Bobby was inspired to create a furniture collection that was filled with character, and would fit a variety of interior design styles and spaces. It was also important that it be timeless, refined, modern, with an organic aesthetic. By partnering with A.R.T. Furniture, he was able to bring his ideas to fruition and make the line a reality.

From the initial concepts, to material selection, to reviewing samples, Bobby has been hands on all the way. Last December, he traveled to the A.R.T. Furniture factory in Vietnam for a first hand look at the line and to review materials and finishes prior to production beginning.


Keep reading to see all the behind the scenes pics of Bobby and see how the line began to take shape. And if you’re ready to shop, click here to find a retailer!

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“A.R.T. encouraged my creativity and allowed my ideas and designs to become a reality. ”

The collection includes a number of thoughtful and functional details, including built in lighting, platform beds that do not require a box spring and modular upholstered pieces that can be positioned in numerous ways.

From performance velvets to terrazzo to brass accents and wood veneer, the materials used in the collection showcase Bobby’s design style, and a refined, but hip aesthetic.

If you still haven’t  seen the full line of Bobby Berk for A.R.T. Furniture, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to find a retailer near you and shop every piece online now.