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Get The Look: Queer Eye Season 8 – Tim

We’ve already shared all the makeovers and reveals for Queer Eye Season 8. But there’s even more to this season! If you loved something you saw in any of the design makeovers (or want to recreate one of Bobby’s makeovers in your own space) then stay right where you are. It’s time to take a closer look at each design and bring you the shoppable products Bobby sourced for every space – starting with Tim’s rock n’ roll design from Episode 2!  





Don’t miss a moment from Bobby’s farewell season. See all the makeovers from Queer Eye Season 8! 





“Tim’s makeover was about keeping that rock and roll spirit, but elevating it with rich materials like leather and velvet. I also paired down his Kiss memorabilia A LOT, sticking to just a handful of framed art pieces and collectibles. ”