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How Bobby Makes Neutral Interiors Anything BUT Boring

Photo: Kara Mercer

If there is one thing Bobby loves (well, besides Dewey and Bimini) it’s neutral interiors. Shades of white, gray, and earth tones are all an integral part of his personal design style, and show up in lots of his projects. But pulling off neutrals does require a bit of finesse to keep things from looking, well, a bit bland. So Bobby is giving you his tried and true tips for adding excitement – and eye-catching details –  to make a neutral interior anything but boring!


Better Homes & Gardens has christened Bobby a Color Star for 2024 – and the knowledgeable source on neutrals! Read even more about what inspires his color choices and all his favorite neutral paint colors.


Bring In Warm Tones 

A neutral space that is mostly white or beige can certainly feel a bit cold. So Bobby suggests warming it up. “The key to updating light neutrals is to bring in some warm tones—a little splash of camel in a leather ottoman or throw pillow, leather accents in accessories on the table, a sisal rug, or a warmer wood tone. Balance it with earth tones.” he offers. Adding a few warmer tones will make the space feel much more cozy and comforting.


Try Some Texture

An entirely neutral room can feel a bit flat – unless you are utilizing an array of textures that will bring in levels and interest. ”I like adding drama and dimension to neutrals with different-texture items: chunky, knit, sweaterlike, woven throw pillows or a really texturized rug,” Bobby says. Woven baskets are another textural fave, and you can even add texture through your walls – with a grasscloth wallpaper or a stucco wall treatment. Just remember that a variety of materials will make a mostly one-tone room much more visually interesting.



Add A Bit Of Black

Don’t be afraid to add a darker accent to a neutral space. “People often assume that dark walls will make your home feel too dark. But when you add the right amount of black accents to a room balanced with white, it makes your space feel larger” says Bobby. Besides the benefit of visually expanding a space, a bit of black can also create much-needed contrast, add some edge, or help break up a large expanse of lighter colors. And you don’t have to commit to painting: black accessories, art, or pillows work just as well.