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How To Water Your Plants The Right Way

One of the trickiest parts of being a plant parent is knowing exactly when to water – and how much you should be providing. Sure, there are tips to check the soil or the option to employ a moisture meter, but there is also a foolproof method for watering that is even more accurate, and will ensure your plant is drinking only as much water as it needs!


The Right Way To Water Plants 

Instead of using a watering can to deliver moisture to the soil from above, try this smarter inverse method. Simply place your plant in a large bowl filled with water. The plant will soak up as much water as it needs (in about 30 minutes), and you will never over or under water again! (Note- this method only works for plants in grow pots or planters with a drainage hole at the bottom.) We tried this method on all our plants at the office and actually witnessed the plant “drinking”, and the water being absorbed into the roots. So give it a try in your own home and keep your plants perfectly hydrated!