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One Bathroom, Three Ways: How To Easily Add Personality To Your Space

Sure, every bathroom needs to work for certain, ahem, essential activities. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be full of personality too! And giving your bathroom a look that’s uniquely you is a lot easier than you think. In fact, we’re showing you not one, but three ways to instantly take your bathroom from functional to totally fun – with just a few artistic (and affordable) accessories. 

Using pieces from Society6, we were able to easily take a blank white bathroom in a stylish new direction. So keep scrolling to how we pulled off the three unique looks – and how you can too!

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Sure, this bathroom already had plenty of function. But as a simple, white space, it was seriously lacking in the personality department. And to give it something special, we didn’t need to actually change anything in the space. We would simply add pops of color and pattern (through essential items like bath mats, hand towels, and shower curtains).


Mixing shades of peach, pink, teal (and some bold black accents), this bath is now a colorful and eye-catching space to start the day.



When adding patterns, alter the scale (using small and large) to keep your bathroom from feeling too busy.


For an organic modern mix, we opted for terracotta colors to add instant warmth (and visual interest) to this all-white bathroom.




Don’t want to commit to painting? Accessories are an easy way to infuse color into a space.


Bringing in accents of bold black and graphic shapes creates an ideal balance against stark white walls.



Black and white work brilliantly with just about any other color. So don’t be afraid to mix in other accents.