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Queer Eye Season 3: Rob -The Makeover And Reveal

Season 4 of Queer Eye is officially out today, so grab your box of tissues and get ready for a whole new season of makeovers.

To kick off the new season we thought it would be fun to walk you back through some of our makeovers from Season 3. Don’t worry, all the makeovers from Season 4 are coming very soon including all the products that we used in each space so that you can “get the look” for your own home.

Today – it’s all about Rob. If you’ve seen the episode, then you know how his story goes, and it made him so very deserving of a makeover. But for those of you that are new to the show, or Rob, his story begins on the day his youngest son was born. On that day, his wife found out that she had breast cancer. The lump had been there for months, although doctors initially told them it was benign. It wasn’t until she was breastfeeding her son that the nurses noticed she had been misdiagnosed. Sadly, she passed away just six months later, leaving Rob a widower with two young sons.

Unlike other makeovers, Rob was moving into a new home to start fresh with his sons AKA “Elrod & Sons”, so we wanted to give him a space that not only represented a fresh start but honored his wife and all the memories that they had made in their previous home.

In what was probably our biggest makeover we have ever done, we transformed the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, bathroom, closet, and the bedrooms. The boy’s rooms which are upstairs were set up exactly how they were in the old house, and in the master bedroom, we gave Rob a brand new space with new furniture. It was a makeover both in home and in spirit.

Here is how all the spaces came together and to see all the product that was used in his makeover click through HERE.





  1. Hi, l am obsessed with the bed. Where did you get it from?? Please and thank you!


    1. Hey! It is linked up in the shopping section below the bedroom section but is from A.R.T. Furniture.

      1. Hi! I am OBSESSED with all of your work! You are truly gifted! Because of you I am trying to add more houseplants to my decor! My questions for you are:
        1. Where do you normally purchase?
        2. Are most real?

        Thank you!!!

  2. I loved this episode! I mean the other episodes are good, but I felt personally connected to this episode! Everything they did was beautiful! Don’t forget that aspen wallpaper that I could see on my tv you added. Oh and those whiskey ice molds I assumed you guys put in the freezer was a nice touch!

    1. Thank you so much, it was such a special episode for us as well. So glad you noticed the wallpaper, it’s one of my favorites and was so fun in the space.

    2. Hi! I would love to know the paint color that was used on the mantle and windows. Thank you!

  3. Hi would love to know the color and type of paint used on the kitchen cabinets!

    1. It is very close to Marea Baja by Sherwin Williams. Hope that helps!

  4. I love the graphic framed print in the living room (season 3 Ep Elrod)- the one with colorful triangles under the banister/staircase. Do you know where it was purchased? Thank you so much!

  5. Hey! What color paint is on the mantle??? You’re talented, and I love that your face shows every single thought you have haha watching you when you’re in the background of every show is a treasure! Love.

    1. Color is Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams. Thanks so much for your kind words. xx -B

  6. Hi Bobby,
    I am a huge fan and I love your work!
    I was wondering where the memorial cabinet is from, or what style of cabinet would this be called? I would like to have something similar for keepsakes for my son who passed away. I think it’s such a lovely thing you gave Elrod, to have those items so easy to access but tucked away safely.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Laura. It’s really a special way to honor a loved one. I had this piece custom made for Elrod, but you can create something similar with a custom box or chest. Much love. xx -B