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Right At Home Chapter 2: Function Is The Mother Of Design

Have you picked up your copy of Right at Home? My book is all about helping you create a home that works for you, and in each chapter, I tackle a different aspect of design and offer tons of tips on how to make it happen. Today, It’s time to break down even more content from my book – as we flip the pages to Chapter 2: Function Is the Mother of Design.

Designing your home is about much more than just a beautiful space. A major part of design is also function. Does a room work for you, your family, and your lifestyle? You’re about to find out how to make it happen, as I unpack – Chapter 2: Function Is the Mother of Design.



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Home Design Is About How Your Home Works

Sure, how your home looks matters. But how your home works is just as important. If your home doesn’t work (or function), the way it needs to for you to live your life but also to maximize your quality of life, it’s a design fail. But how do you know if your home is working for you? When designing, It ALWAYS starts with planning. Think about how you will actually be using and living in a room. What do you need the room to do – both practically and emotionally? These are the questions that will guide you to create a functional space.


Another thing to remember is that design is an ongoing process. I like to say that design also happens when you think you’re done designing. Because over time, our lives change, our families change, and our needs change. And thus, the function of your home needs to evolve with you.


Form + Function = Design

This is the key equation you should always come back to when thinking about design. Form is the external appearance or how something looks, whereas function is the purpose for which something is designed or what it does for you. When you combine these two principles, you create a final space that has been planned out for a specific purpose (and looks great). For a room or home that really works, one can’t exist without the other.


Of course, there will be instances when you can’t totally improve the function of a space. Maybe you’re in a rental or just don’t have the budget for renovations. But even in those instances, you can still make smaller, functional design decisions that will improve the form too. 


The Good Bits

So what do you really need to know about function and designing your home? Just follow these 3 key takeaways.


  • DESIGNING IS PLANNING: Take time to think about how you will use a space and plan ahead before you begin to design


  • FUNCTION AND FORM are the building blocks of good design. Lead with function and form will always follow


  • OPTIMIZING FOR FUNCTION will result in a space that is great for your mental health because your home will save you time, minimize pain, mitigate stress, and take extra work off your plate.



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