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The Best Faux Trees That Will Fool Anyone (All For Under $150)

Photo: Sara Tramp

If you ask us, adding a tree (or two, or three) is always a good idea when it comes to your interiors. But if you’re a bit uncertain about everything it takes to keep greenery thriving, it might be time to invest in something a bit more low maintenance. We’re talking faux trees that look so real, everyone will be fooled – and won’t require any work at all. 

For a plant that’s foolproof and maintenance-free, you can’t go wrong with a faux tree. Whether it’s slender, full, tropical, or temperate, we’ve uncovered some of the most realistic options out there – all for under $150! So keep scrolling to shop Bobby’s 9 picks for the best-looking faux trees – and learn his tips for where (and how) to use a tree in your space.



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Where To Use Faux Trees? 

Bobby suggests using a faux tree anywhere you would like to add greenery and a bit of height. A Living Room, Dining Room, Entry, or Bedroom are all optimal choices. A tree’s height will naturally draw the eye upwards, making it a great solution for an empty corner too.


In our Headquarters Living Room (at left) we initially brought in a real fiddle leaf tree, but without the proper light, we now opted for an easy-to-maintain faux option. After searching for our new faux tree, we came across lots of realistic (and affordable) trees that are perfect for your home. Just keep scrolling to shop all our picks!

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