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The Word Is Out About Bobby’s Book!

Bobby’s new book is officially out! (And if you haven’t picked up your copy, what are you waiting for?) Everyone is talking about the great content inside – and  Bobby’s advice on design, mental health, and how to make your home look and feel great. So we’ve compiled some of the recent press surrounding the release – including Bobby’s appearance on Today –  to let you see for yourself what all the buzz is about! 





See what everyone is saying about Right at Home! Keep scrolling for all the recent press about Bobby’s new book!


You can still see Bobby in person! He’s heading to Chicago on October 21st to talk all things Right at Home.

  1. Hi Bobby,

    I was at the DC book event with my mom on Wednesday and it was wonderful. We both love the book! It is exactly what the home design book genre needs, since it focuses on the person rather than what is in style. For those who haven’t ordered it yet, do it now or stop by the book store.

    Thanks for all the positive energy you contribute to the world!


    1. THANK YOU!! It was so wonderful to be in DC this week and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by! xx -B