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This Is the Secret to Making Minimalism More Interesting

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Whether in the form of jewel-toned furniture, mismatched patterns, layers of textiles, or fearlessly bold walls, it’s clear that maximalism is back in a big way in 2019. So what exactly is “maximalism” you might ask? Well if you favor more over less, then you might fall into the category of a true maximalist. But for those of you who refuse to sever ties with that stark white, Scandinavian-inspired look that we all seem to love so much right now, this bold trend may not be right for you, and we support that. 

We’re of the opinion that trends should never dictate your space (or your wardrobe, for that matter). Rather, it’s about sticking to your personal style and layering in carefully-selected pieces that blend with your existing aesthetic and speak to you. At the end of the day we want you to be happy in your space. So if you’re a die-hard minimalist but aren’t ready to sacrifice the comfort and layered look that maximalism can bring, then this post is for you. This season, the secret to keeping it simple, but still keeping it warm lies in texture-rich accessories.

Not only do natural materials, handwoven textiles, and eye-catching wall art (AKA texture-rich accessories) align with the minimalist aesthetic, they also add a touch of personality to this subdued style and truly bring the look to life. Below, you’ll find our seven-step guide to curating a texture-rich, minimalistic haven that’s anything but boring. And to get you started below each tip we’ve pulled together a selection of subdued accessories that pack just the right amount of punch. Ready, set, go. 

“At the end of the day, we want you to be happy in your space. ”
Bobby Berk
Photo: Chango Co


Natural materials aren’t going anywhere. They’ve always been around in decor and will always have a place. Not only are they sustainable, but they also bring warmth into your room. To add this touch of texture to your minimalist vibe, embrace materials like rattan, bamboo, wood, jute, and wicker for your space. Plus, these natural accessories pair perfectly with the muted color palette and modern furnishings that have come to define the minimalist look. White + Wood will always be one of our favorites.

Photo: Neotecture

become a plant parent

What’s a minimalist space without a pop of greenery? Plants are the perfect way to add dimension and color to your space without straying too far from your comfort zone or breaking the bank. If you’re not ready to become a real plant parent yet or have anything but a green thumb, we can vouch for the quality of some of the faux and dried botanicals we’ve linked below. We especially love the pampas grass as well as the palm leaves and snake plant. The best part – you can never kill them.

Textiles are your friend

Layer your couch, bed, and floors with textured throw pillows, chunky blankets, and woven rugs to make your home feel perfectly lived-in. Even if you stick to your neutral color palette with these accessories, the materials themselves will add a touch of warmth to the space.

Major bonus points if you style your textiles as effortlessly as this person did here. Throw… and let go.


Adopting a minimalist aesthetic doesn’t mean foregoing color altogether; experiment with neutrals that fuse well with shades of white, like earth-tone rusts, browns, and tans, or subtle blues and greens if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous. Wallpaper is also a huge trend this year—if you are ready for a little bit of pattern on your walls then go with something in a neutral color and a simple pattern. It offers a high-impact solution to just about any room.


If the rest of your space verges on sparse in its minimalism, go wild with wall decor. A statement wall piece is all the decor you need in your room if everything else is kept simple and clean. We love flat art prints just as much as decorative clocks, funky mirrors, and three-dimensional art to transform a blank white wall.


Nothing livens up an all-white room quite like statement lighting. We’d suggest something that looks and feels organic to fuse the natural trend into your lighting. Or if you favor something more modern you could go with some of the pieces that we have linked below that are inspired by the intricate folds of origami. If you are looking for something more budget friendly then a paper lantern is something that will always be classic and give a big impact to your space. This IKEA paper lamp shade is just $5 and gives you a texture-rich statement.

focus on the details

We’ve never met a decorative knick knack we didn’t like (as long as it is thoughtfully placed). Adorn your space with eye-catching pieces like earthenware vases, carved wooden accessories and decorative driftwood to amp up your home’s texture factor. If all else fails, turn to your book collection and put a few palette-friendly reads on display for an added personal touch.

No matter how you layer it in as long as you keep it in a neutral palette then you can bring that textured look into your own space. Let us know if you have any questions below.

  1. This is so helpful and you are absolutely fantastic!
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  2. As an interior design student lacking inspiration during this trying exam season, this is exactly what I needed. Great article!

  3. Ever since I binged Queer eye for more than my fresh mom time can afford, i just fell in LOVE with everything that you do! (Well all of you fab guys, but mostly Bobby’s designs…WOW!) . My family and I moved in a new house recently, and it’s a real day job to make our house a home. I love textures, and I think that I tend to be more a minimalist than a maximalist, but I struggle with finding inspiration on what to do with our walls. We have white walls that I think ballance out our otherwise colorful home, but I feel that they are lacking character. Other than artwork (which we have, I am an illustrator), what other recommendations would you have to make white walls less…well, white. I don’t know if you answer these messages or if you even read them, but if you do, keep up the great work, and I hope that someday your show gets to be mandatory for everyone to watch, because the world would definitely be a better place! Sending love from Romania ?

  4. Love this! Thank you for the tips!

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  6. This is so easy to read, to understand and to digest. I love the article and the examples place here are very, very helpful.

  7. I love that under each category and recommendations you offer examples of products for all different price ranges – thats helpful for college students like me just looking for inspiration and low cost ideas.

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  11. I just want to say, you’re inspired 🙂

  12. This is 100% my style aesthetic. As a mom of three young children, it can be easy to let the house be overrun with kid “things” but I learned that the way to keep my sanity (and in turn, the entire fam’s) is to contain the kid stuff to a designated space and keep the rest of the house a minimalist sanctuary. I add warmth with beautiful and functional
    textiles as well as one or two natural material pieces. This article has given me a push to try a wallpaper that I’ve been considering as well as a fun light fixture. Thanks, Bobby!