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Year Of Improvement: How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

This year, we’re all about helping you improve every area of your life. For the month of February, the focus is on one of our favorite aspects of the home: function. Discovering how to make things work more seamlessly can have a big impact on your day-to-day life. And you can add function to anything in your home – including your linen closet. It’s time to tackle one of the most dreaded and tricky tasks and teach you how to fold a fitted sheet.

We all know that folding a fitted sheet can quickly turn into a frustrating task (and probably lead to you just shoving a ball of fabric into your closet.) But when you add in some function – and a few easy-to-follow steps – it becomes a task that anyone can easily tackle. So get ready to learn how Bobby does it, and soon you’ll have a perfectly folded sheet every time.



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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet


1. Lay your sheet flat on a surface with the elastic band facing up.


2. With your left hand, grab the corner closest to you. Flip that corner inside out over your hand, and then use your right hand to grab the corner furthest from you.  Slide your left hand to meet your right hand and tuck it in. Keep your left hand in the sheet and shake it out to make sure things are even. Then set this side down with the elastic corner at the top

3.  Mirror those same steps on the opposite side, using your right hand to grab the corner at the bottom. Flip that corner inside out over your hand, and then use your left hand to grab the corner furthest from you.  Slide your right hand to meet your left hand and tuck it in.


4. Shake out the sheet make sure things are even and lay flat again with the elastic facing up. You should have a rough rectangle.

5. Place your hand in each top corner and then bring your hands together with palms touching. Then flip the corner in your left hand over your right. Try to get all four elastic seams to line up. Shake it out a bit, then lay down again on your surface. You should have a loose square with the elastic on the top and right sides.


6. Fold the sheet horizontally into 3 sections, and then fold once again until you have a nice little rectangle.

And there you have it!  You now know how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet – and have added function to your laundry routine and linen closet.





Want to see a video of Bobby in action? Check out this reel for a visual breakdown of all the steps.