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Year Of Improvement: 4 Design Tips That Can Boost Your Mental Health

You’ve probably heard Bobby say “Caring for your space is caring for yourself.” It’s a mantra he lives by – and believes is one of the most important things you can practice at home. But how do you create a space that makes you feel good? We definitely have a few ideas, and we’re bringing you 4 design tips to boost your mental health.

Having a well-designed home can shift your personal outlook, your mood, and your mental health. And what you do in your home makes a big impact on your daily life. (You can also read all about it in Bobby’s Book: Right at Home.) To get you started on your wellness journey, we’ve compiled 4 design tips you can easily implement to boost your mental health at home.

boost your mental health

1. KEEP IT Clean

It may seem obvious, but a clean and organized home is the easiest quick change you can make to help bring about positivity. It’s actually been scientifically proven that having too much clutter around can overwhelm the brain. (You can’t argue with science now can you?)

boost your mental health

2. MAKE IT Personal

Adding personal items to your space is a great visual reminder of the happy moments in life (not to mention making your space uniquely you!) They will also bring back fond memories of vacations, major life moments and friends and family.

boost your mental health

3. BRING IN Nature

Plants have a way of brightening even the worst of days, simply by sitting on a windowsill. They are proven to help you feel better and also have the added benefit of helping to refresh the air in a room, thus make you healthier (a real win-win situation if you ask us).

boost your mental health

4. ADD SOME Color

Color has long been determined to have a deep connection to our moods and thoughts. Different colors can relax us (blues and greens), energize us (reds and yellows), or make us feel a deep sense of contentment and serenity (whites and neutrals).



  1. Great advice ❤️ and I agree with everything.
    Colour is one thing I was afraid of bringing in after we are turning every newly renovated room into white and dark grey with wooden like structured tiles or laminate.
    Looked “cleaner”
    But I bought some turquoise bathroom carpets and they pop. I have nothing else in this blue-ish colour in my home, but I like how it’s such an eye catcher.
    Living room has always been in pastel yellow with greens and browns (wall colours) which resonate with the furniture (real wood or soft couch in brown) and plants + cushions (green) because I love the sunny earthy forest vibe.