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20 Under $20: Bobby’s Favorite (Totally Affordable) Etsy Finds

By now you’re probably well aware that there’s no shortage of stylish stuff to buy on Etsy. But did you know there are plenty of affordable finds available too? Yup, hiding out with all the handmade goods you love are pieces with high style -and low price tags.  And we’re rounding up 20 of our favorites (in fashion, home, and lifestyle) all for just $20 and under. 


A unique handmade product that looks great and won’t break the bank. What could be better? (Not much if you ask us!) We’ve scoured some of our favorite Etsy sellers to bring you a variety of items you’ll definitely want to add to your cart, from art to accessories, jewelry to just want you need. So get clicking to discover some awesome deals (and support some talented makers too).


Keep scrolling to see 20 of our favorite fashion, lifestyle, and home products- all for under $20!


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Accessible Abstract Art

This printable abstract art piece is a great way to add a graphic touch to your walls.



BUY HERE for $5



Easy Oak Hooks

Handmade hooks that come in 5 different wood finishes and are perfect for an easy entry update.



BUY HERE for $19



A Stylish Ceramic Bowl

Here’s a sweet ceramic bowl that’s perfect for stylish snacking.



BUY HERE for $20




A Refreshing Room Spray 

Coconut and vanilla are perfectly balanced for a room spray that’s warm with a tropical touch.



BUY HERE for $15






A Keepsake Keychain 

A customizable leather keychain is a chic place to keep your house keys.


BUY HERE for $17



A Cooler Candle

This candle’s got double the appeal: we love the cool design of the label just as much as the rich and soothing sandalwood and tobacco scent.



BUY HERE for $13



A Beautiful Bud Vase 

Your new favorite bud, this vase is simple, sculptural, and just right for your favorite stem.


BUY HERE for $20





An Intriguing Initial Ring

A less-is-more minimal ring that shows off your favorite letter.


BUY HERE for $20





A Simple Salt Cellar

This concrete container makes a sweet sport for salt (and a cute addition to your counter).


BUY HERE for $20





A Motivating Water Bottle

Ok, so we may have gone over $20 here, but this water bottle was just too smart not to include. And with cleverly labeled markers on the side, it shows you exactly how much H2O you should be drinking in a day.


BUY HERE for $22





A Graphic Greeting Card

Opt for this hand-drawn card when you want to send a very stylish message.


BUY HERE for $4





Long-Lasting Linen Bowl Covers 

A more sustainable way to keep foods fresh, these lovely linen covers can be washed and reused over and over.


BUY HERE for $13





The Best Beeswax Candles

You can’t go wrong with a classic taper candle – especially when it’s 100% all-natural beeswax.


BUY HERE for $12





A Fun Footed Planter

This pretty planter has a playful side- and is 3-D printed from recycled wood.


BUY HERE for $16





A Chic Chain Bracelet 

Add some sparkle to your wrist with this uni-sex classic gold chain bracelet.


BUY HERE for $15





A Lovely Linen Towel

Natural and totally laid back, this linen towel is an easy addition to your kitchen.


BUY HERE for $11





A Cute Terazzo Phone Case 

Take a bit of terrazzo with you and give your phone a stylish new case.


BUY HERE for $20





An Interesting Incense Holder

For a more sculptural way to scent your space, opt for this circular incense holder.


BUY HERE for $20





A Multi-Purpose Paper Container 

A (washable) paper container that’s ideal for everything from plants to pens to produce.


BUY HERE for $14





An Eco-Friendly Dish Soap

This solid dish soap eliminates all plastic packaging – and works just as well when paired with a scrub brush.


BUY HERE for $7




    1. Hope you found something perfect from our list! xx -B