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How to Bring Nature into Your Space (No Green Thumb Required)

Summer is coming to an end (we know, total bummer) and soon we will all be spending more time indoors. But even after the long sunny days and warm weather have passed, you can still enjoy all that nature has to offer. 

Plants are certainly the best way to bring the outside in, but sometimes you don’t have the natural light or green thumb to take care of them.  Lucky for you, there are plenty of other ways to remind yourself of summer and connect your interior to the exterior. With some carefully chosen items, you can turn your space into a real natural wonder.

Here are 3 ways you can bring the outside in (without worrying about killing any houseplants!) and all our product recommendations to get the look. Be sure to check out our other posts on Your Interior Design Style and Decorating a Small Space.

Design: Atelier Vime


Plants like palm, seagrass, rattan and bamboo can all be dried and then woven. These materials are used to make everything from functional baskets to items for the home like lighting, rugs and chairs. By bringing these natural items into your space, you create an instant connection to the outdoors.

  • A  bamboo light fixture over a dining table is a simple way to introduce a woven material.
  • Use a woven seagrass basket to hold extra towels, blankets or firewood.
  • For a bathroom, try a decorative  mirror with a rattan frame.


Materials that come from and are connected to the earth, like onyx, marble and wood are a great way to ground your space, especially when those items are in their natural state. Unpolished stone, raw edges and organic shapes that mimic those seen in nature are the best ways to introduce earthiness to your space.

  • A tree stump side table is simple and timeless, and can mix with a number of different design styles.
  • Add a raw, organic shaped stone or wood bowl to your kitchen counter.
  • Stone bookends, geodes or decorative objects are an easy way to introduce an earthy feel.


Nothing says outdoors and summer quite like a plant print. It can go a long way in adding a vibrant and lively feel to everyday decor. With any sort of pattern, less is more so use some of the suggestions below as simple accents in your space.

  • For a bold statement, use a bright tropical wallpaper in a powder room.
  • Try a throw pillow or a plant shaped accessory, like a dish, for a hint of the tropics.
  • Foliage prints in more muted tones, like black and white, are a more subtle option.
Photo: H&M