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How To Find The Right Bedside Lamp (And 15 Of Our Favorites For Under $150)

Design: Brian Paquette

Despite what you may think, not all lamps are created equal. While they may all have the same fundamental features (you know, like a switch) – some lamps are just better suited for certain spaces. And when it comes to bedside lamps, there are a few key things to keep in mind when brightening up your bedroom.

There are a handful of things to look for when choosing the right lamps – and we’re breaking down all the info you need to know before you buy. Plus, we’ve found 15 of our favorite lamps that are perfect for your nightstands (and they’re all under $150). So get ready to learn how to find the right bedside lamp!



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What To Look For In A Bedside Lamp

Not sure what lamps will look best on your bedside? Keep these 3 factors in mind to find the perfect option.



The size of your nightstands (and bed) should determine the overall size of your lamp. (Keep in mind that the larger your bed, the larger the nightstands should be.) If you have a wide nightstand, a wider lamp is needed to match the scale. As an overall rule, your lamp should be about one-third the width of the nightstand. You can determine this by measuring the lamp’s widest point, whether it’s the base or the bottom of the shade.



Height is equally important to find the right scale for your lamps. And it’s especially important if you’re reading in bed (as you don’t want the light over your head or shining right in your eyes). Unless you have an extremely low bed or low headboard, you want your lamps to be around 22 – 27 inches high. You can also follow the rule of taking the height of your nightstand and adding an extra 2 inches to determine the height of your bedside lamps. 




You want your bedside lamp to create some contrast with your nightstand, whether it’s through color, texture or material, or the shape of the base. A light-colored lamp will pop against a dark nightstand, while a  more cylindrical or organic-shaped lamp will create visual contrast against a liner bedside table.



A lamp with a fabric shade is going to provide a softer, diffused light that is ideal for lighting the room as well as any bedtime activity. You can also opt for a metal shade that will provide a more directional light source that works well for reading.


Keep scrolling to see 15 lamps you’ll love for your bedside!

Contemporary Glam Table Lamp

Add a touch of glam with this sculptural and shiny option.




Karsytn Bronze Table Lamp

An on/off switch built into the base makes it easy to flip off this lamp before bedtime.

Harnden Gold Table Lamp

The triangular gold base gives this lamp a distinctive and delicate feel.




Fraiser Modern Cone Table Lamp

This organic modern lamp will add a whole lot of style – for an amazingly low price.




Dublin Table Lamp

A sculptural shape and graphic black finish will contrast beautifully with walnut nightstands.




Colby Antique Gold Lamp

Bedside charging will be a breeze thanks to this built-in USB port and outlet.




Metal & Walnut Table Lamp

A sculptural base and tall linear shade really sets this lamp apart.

Yearby Black Globe Table Lamp

Double glass globes means twice as much diffused light to brighten up your bedside.

Bradshaw Gray Table Lamp

This distinctive curvy base and cool gray color add a whole lot of visual appeal.

Round Concrete Table Lamp

Grab this for unique lamp for an industrial meets organic modern feel.


Martin Natural Oak Table Lamp

A sleek wood column complemented by a tapered shade can work well in lots of different bedroom styles.

Metal Mushroom Dome Table Lamp

Yes, this lamp is slightly over our $150 budget. But we couldn’t resist including it since it looks great – and turns on and off with the touch of a finger!



Amaryllis White Ceramic Table Lamp

Crisp, clean, and simple, this lamp is a perfect choice for a soothing space.



Lauters Table Lamp

The tripod base gives this bedside lamp a totally unique look.



Modern Gold Table Lamp

Adjust this lamp to your preferred brightness with the clever dimmer switch on the base.