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Mixing It Up: 15 Bedroom Furniture Pairings That Work

Furniture can be a lot like a relationship – you bring in something new, to mix it up. Whether that’s a new dinner spot, a new morning routine, or even an entirely new person. But in the end, some pairings just don’t always work. And while we are not handing out dating advice any time soon (or telling you to break it off with your boo), we can help with the former.  Keep reading…

We’ll start with the room where things can often get complicated: (relationship and furniture wise) the Bedroom. The easy answer may seem like a matching bedroom set, right? It’s already been put together to match perfectly. While there are definitely some good collections, you can achieve a more interesting space when you pull together different furniture pieces. Plus it will be uniquely yours and not straight off a showroom floor.

And if you already have a great bed or a cool vintage dresser you inherited and don’t know what to pair it with, you can use these tips to help coordinate the rest of the room.

We’ve went ahead and done the work for you by compiling 15 pairings of beds, night stands and dressers that all work great together. Whether your style is minimalist, eclectic, mid-century or modern farmhouse, we’ve got you covered. (Please consider you and the bedroom set officially broken up.) Next to each title we’ve put the total price to get 1 bed, two nightsands and a dresser.

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A neutral upholstered bed pairs perfectly with oak nightstands and a dresser in a light grey finish. While the woods are different, they are both light finishes that don’t complete with each other.

Aiden Platform Bed | Ellington Side Table | Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser

2.  REFINED RUSTIC = $2,520

Pair a leather bed with round metal nightstands and a detailed wood dresser for a masculine vibe. The leather and wood tones are similar, and the table picks up on the black in the bed frame.

Saturn Bed | Soft Modern Round Side Table | Lita 6-Drawer Dresser

3. MIX IT UP = $1,558

For an eclectic look, a channel tufted headboard, round wooden nightstands and a playful dresser on hairpin legs. While the pieces are all different, they all have rounded details that unite them.

Channel Back Upholstered Headboard | Trill Wood Round Side Table | Owen 6 Drawer Double Dresser


A more traditional take, with a four-poster bed and wooden dresser and nightstands. The bed is substantial, so pairing it with furniture pieces that have “weight” is important for balance.

Venice Four Poster Bed | Keane Driftwood Nightstand | Imogen 6 Drawer Double Dresser

5. Simple SCANDINAVIAN = $518

A bleached wood headboard and painted nightstands and dresser work together for a nordic feel. While the pieces don’t match exactly, they’re all light finishes and simple shapes.

Porto Bleached Wood Headboard | Mitzi Nightstand | Modern 3 Drawer Dresser 

Photo: Anson Smart
Design: Flack Studio

6. Seventies vibes = $5,024

A very cool cane bed with black metal nightstands and a brass dresser evokes elements from the 70s. The brass dresser is a bold piece, but it has clean lines that balance with the curves of the bed.

Cane Bed | Gemma Nightstand | Aged Brass 6 Drawer Dresser 

7. warm modern = $1,027

Textural touches like the woven top of the nightstands and the leather pulls on the dresser contrast with the simplicity of the upholstered bed. They also bring warmth and character to minimal pieces.

Aiden Platform Bed | Mikko Side Table | 5 Drawer Chest 


Wood and metal mix with a simple wood bed, floating metal nightstands and a black dresser. The black pieces work particularly well with the rich tones of the oak bed.

Marcel Platform Bed | Pilsen Graphite Floating Nightstand | Westerleigh 6 Drawer Double Dresser 

9. INDUSTRIAL chic = $2,154

A mesh bed, concrete side tables and a wood and metal dresser have a real urban feel. These materials, which evoke city life and hard surfaces, balance each other out.

Niander Mesh Bed | Athen End Table | Modern Grey Walnut 4 Drawer Dresser

10. REFINED BOHO = $1,793

A patterned headboard, linen nightstands and woven front dresser are all interesting pieces that when paired have a modern bohemian feel. Neutral colors keep them from overwhelming each other.

Macy Charcoal Linen Headboard | Archer Lacquered Linen Nightstand | Marte Storage Cabinet

11. soft and hard = $3,015

You got this far in reading the post, so you deserve a little bedroom innuendo with the name of this combo. A canopy bed brings a bit of softness which is balanced by the very solid nightstands and dresser. The linear elements of the bed are also echoed in the furniture pieces.

Amalfi Canopy Bed | Linwood Nightstand | Thomas 5 Drawer Bedroom Chest

12. MID-CENTURY = $1,857

Tapered legs and clean lines are present in the bed, nightstands and dresser, which makes the pieces work despite their different materials.

Huxley Upholstered Bed | Metalwork Nightstand | Camila 6 Drawer Dresser

13. TOUCH OF GLAMOUR = $2,818

Woven leather, polished brass and marble all give a luxurious feel. The nightstand and the dresser both have curved shapes, and the brass frame of the headboard subtly connects to the nightstand.

Tansy Strap and Metal Frame Headboard | Marble Topped Pedestal Side Table | Marius Chest of Drawers 

14. FARMHOUSE FRESH = $1,426

An antique brass bed has traditional vibes, and paired with the simple shapes of a green nightstand and wood dresser helps make it feel more modern. It’s farmhouse style with a fresh take.

Bronze Metal Pipe Sadie BedHampshire Olive Green Nightstand | 3 Drawer Wood Dresser 

15. SIMPLE LINES = $653

Simple geometric shapes unite the upholstered bed, nightstand and dresser. Metal touches, wood and similar color also allow them to visually work together.

Ragnar Upholstered Panel HeadboardAxel Lid Storage Side Table | 6 Drawer Bedroom Dresser 

Let us know if you have any questions (on the furniture, not the relationship) below, and in the comments let us know what you want us to do next with “mixing it up”.


  1. Anyone know where I can purchase the art in the first picture? The XX one with the white frame?

  2. I really like the combos, however, I’m not too keen on the metal pieces. (My personal opinion.) I heard that Queer Eye keeps the furniture used in the Heros’ make overs

    1. Is it true that you keep the furniture used in the make overs of the Heros? If you do, what happens to the rooms, houses, etc you have just re-made? Thanks for reading this!

  3. Would LOVE to find the nightstand tables shown in the lead photo!!!!!!!! Please!

    1. Those nightstands are really great. Looks like they were custom designed for this project by Giancarlo Valle, but you can definitely find similar vintage options, or here is a version.

  4. I love those tribal lamps in the pic with the blue velvet bed? Where are they from?

    1. That room was designed by Flack Studios. You can find out more about that project and details here.

  5. Love all of this styling. Simple, yet it stands out.

  6. I’m getting ready to decorate a bedroom and I love many of these ideas. How do y’all decide which furniture colors and styles match best together? Thank you!

    1. There’s several factors that go into pairing furniture. I’m mostly looking for balance, contrast and pieces that are similar scale so they will work nicely together. Thanks for reading!

  7. I love the first bedroom as well … any idea where I can get the bedside tables with the leather magazine rack? Amazing!!!

    1. Those nightstands are really great. Looks like they were custom designed for this project by Giancarlo Valle, but you can definitely find similar vintage options, or here is a version

  8. Hey Bobby!

    I would like to get a peacock rattan headboard but am having a tough time deciding on the style and tone of dresser and nightstands.

    I would like a lighter natural tone rattan for the headboard and love the ornate styles. Would a mid-century modern dresser/nightstand in a walnut tone work or should I consider a lighter tone of wood? Would you recommend I consider a distressed wood finish or would that be too busy along with the ornate rattan headboard?

    I personally dislike white painted furniture so I’m trying to avoid going that direction.

    Any advice you can give I would love! Big hugs to you and the rest of the Fab Five!

    1. I’d go with a wood that is tonally in the same color palette, ie. if your headboard is more orange, find a nightstand with orange undertones. Mixing woods is always a great way to add depth to a room and it works best when they aren’t in contrasting color ways. I also think mixing in a black nightstand could be very chic and add a graphic touch. Good luck! xx -B

  9. Hey Bobby! This post was SO helpful – thank you! I just got this beautiful bed from CB2 which has an ivory headboard and an acacia base. I’m thinking of a wood dresser to bring out the tones in the bed, based on your feedback, but can’t figure out for the life of me what kind of nightstand to get. Any tips?

    1. Love that bed! I would go with an ivory or black nightstand, depending on the other elements in your room. If you want to keep things light, then go for ivory (or an off white that picks up on the fabric in the headboard). Black nightstands would be a bit more dramatic and masculine and contrast with the bed. Hope this helps! xx -B

  10. Just bought a Thuma bedframe with ivory head pillow. I need a small dresser and nightstands. How do I pair the wood from the bed? Also, my budget was busted on the bed, so options ciuld be limited.

  11. This is exactly what I was hoping to do in my bedroom, but I have a giant dark wood sleigh bed that feels like it doesn’t go with anything! Any suggestions?

    1. With such a large bed, you’ll definitely want nightstands that are equally large in scale. I would go for black, which pairs well with dark wood. Here is one option that could work. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

    2. We also just got a Thuma bed and it is much lighter and green/yellow cast in finish than I pictured. We got the charcoal headboard. I want to keep it, as I love the design and construction, but am struggling with pairing nightstands and a tall chest of drawers.
      My original plan was something walnut, but that feels too dark and warm for this bed. We prefer wood finishes to painted.
      Anything I find that seems to match The bed in color and style, I hate the color.
      I would love any suggestions to mix it up.
      I can’t add a photo to my comment, their site is however, I don’t think it accurately depicts the finish at all.

      1. That’s a beautiful bed! As an alternative to matching the wood finish, I would consider going with something much lighter, like this, which mimics the rectangular detail on the legs. Best of luck! xx -B

        1. I have a charcoal fabric headboard and light gray nightstands. I would like to add a TV stand or something under the hanging tv. What color would you do?

          1. I think any warm colored wood will look grey with grey tones. I like this piece for a more Mid-Century feel ,or this more streamlined, darker option. Thanks so much for reading! xx -B

  12. This is so interesting; thank you! My queen sized mahogany bed (wedding gift from in laws) has had a good life and after 30 years I’m going to switch to california king — Post 11 and 4 are closest to my situation. Am keeping 2 mahogany heavy looking dressers so I think I need a bed that is substantial but modernizes the space. Canopy bed in iron might work -thoughts on an upholstered option/ something else?

    1. I like the idea of an upholstered bed to soften the heaviness of mahogany dressers. I like this option, which feels quite substantial, and this one if you prefer having a footboard. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

  13. Hi Bobby! Where is the curved, rustic, wooden bench from in the first photo?

    1. That room was designed by Giancarlo Valle, so I don’t have the exact info on the bench. But you can find a similar option here. Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  14. Love these pairings. I’m trying to figure out nightstands and dresser for a room with a dark wrought iron bed. The room is a guest room in a mountain/ski house, I have a Pendleton blanket for the bed. Any ideas?

    1. I would definitely opt for rustic wood options that feel a bit contemporary, like this pine version, or a darker wood option. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

    2. Hello!
      I always look forward to your emails. Your designs are so accessible-so refreshing. Would like to know where to find the table lamps in lead photo.
      Thank you!

  15. Hi! Checking in to see if you received the question I submitted yesterday? Thanks so much!

  16. Hi! Love this post – it’s incredibly helpful! We have a bed similar to the one in option 1, and the taller, narrower version of the west elm dresser. We need additional storage in our bedroom and are thinking about getting the other matching dresser also in option 1, but would that be too matchy? Thank you!

    1. You could always bring in a lighter shade of wood as we did in that option. I like the clean lines of this piece and they wouldn’t compete with the taller dresser. Thanks so much for reading! xx -B

  17. Hi Bobby! I am looking to get a small desk for my bedroom. What color desk will pair well with my mirrored bedroom furniture? Thank you!

    1. White is always a good compliment to a mirrored surface. Here’s a great simple white option! Thanks for reading. xx -B

  18. I have a dresser and nightstand that I refinished in espresso. I have another nightstand that is black (which I’m not opposed to changing the color of). I just made a wood headboard and I’m not sure what color to paint it. My bedroom is painted an aztec gold. I have a white duvet. I was thinking of painting the frame white or doing a white wash. Do you think I have too much going on?

    1. I would stick to just two different finishes (espresso and white) to keep things more consistent. I think a white headboard would work well, just bring in some darker tones through pillows and/or a throw to tie things together. Best of luck! xx -B

  19. I have a cherry wood bed but an oak dresser what color should I paint the dresser? Also 2 different side tables?
    Thank you

    1. Cherry is a tough wood to match, so I would probably suggest painting the dresser a neutral tone like a warm grey or white. And it’s always a better idea to use two matching nightstands to make a room feel more pulled together. Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  20. The quality of a bed frame has a lot to do with how long it will last and how comfortable it is when sleeping. You might have to look at some reviews or even talk to someone in person before you make any decisions.

  21. Hi Bobby…love love your design ideas! We are remodeling our primary bedroom and I’m not sure what type of nightstands to go with our graphite wingback upholstered headboard. Any ideas? Thank you! Terri

    1. Warm wood tones pair really nicely with graphite colors. This is a more traditional option, or you could opt for something with clean lines, like this, to contrast the bed. xx -B

  22. Hi Bobby, love you ideas! We just purchased Hooker Furniture Corsica 42” bachelor chest in light acacia. I like the size and color of the nightstands I’m just not crazy about the curved front. We have a Pottery Barn Raleigh upholster ivory headboard. I’m not sure what dresser I could get to go with my bed and nightstands. Should I try to match the acacia wood finish or off-white? We also have an open beam knotty pine ceiling. And large bay window. Thanks

    1. It can be difficult to try and match wood finishes exactly, so I would suggest going with off-white or black for your dresser. Black works well with all wood tones if you like a darker look, or you can go with off-white and tie in the ivory upholstery on the headboard. Thank you so much for your comment! xx -B

  23. I loved this post and also the latest Queer Eye Season. You guys make me cry every episode. I have these nightstands this bed and this dresser
    I’m happy enough with my dresser for now but I saw one like this vintage one and wondered if it would work or if I should keep what I’ve got or if there’s another better option for a dresser. My living room is more mid century and eclectic modern. I know the bed is more rustic organic boho.

    1. I love the combination of the bed and nightstands! For the dresser, I think a Mid-Century style in a lighter wood that picks up the tones of the headboard would work very well. Thanls so much for your comment. xx -B

  24. If I have a modern walnut platform bed and a white and orange dresser, what would you recommend for nightstands? I already have bright yellow flowerpot lamps to set on them, but am having a heard time figuring out the nightstands.

    1. I would either go with walnut to coordinate with the bed or white. With the orange and yellow colors, I think bringing in another tone might make the room feel too busy. Best of luck! xx -B