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Bobby Shares How To Lighten & Brighten Your Space For Summer

Summer is the season of warm days and bright rays. And while many of us will spend lots of time outdoors enjoying it, your interior can also be just as easy, breezy, and summery. There are a few simple ways to lighten & brighten your space to match the look and feel of summer, and Bobby is sharing them all!

lighten & brighten your space

Choose Lightweight Fabrics

If there is one thing you can count on in summer, it’s sizzling temperatures. So part of keeping your interior cool and comfortable (besides air conditioning, obvi) is adding more breathable and lightweight fabrics. In the living room, this can be cozy but cool linen or cotton pillow covers and throws on your armchairs or sofas. In the bedroom, you can swap out your sheets for breathable bamboo, eucalyptus, linen, or percale cotton, and your duvet for a lighter quilt or coverlet to ensure you’re sleeping (and not sweating) all summer long.

lighten & brighten your space

Inject Some Color

Summer is the season to say yes to saturated colors in your space. No matter your style or preferred palette, injecting some sunny shades can be a real uplifting addition. And accessories are an easy place to start. Try a few pops of color on a pillow on your bed, eye-catching decorative objects on a bookshelf, or even a display-worthy bowl of tropical fruit on your dining table. In the bathroom, you can switch up your usual towels for a more colorful alternative (and maybe even pretend you’re on summer vacation too).

lighten & brighten your space

Add Summery Blooms

Flowers are on full display during summer. So why not bring them inside as well? A bouquet of fresh flowers, whether from your backyard or the grocery store, can do wonders to make your home feel uplifting and well-appointed for the reason. But you don’t have to add actual flowers to get the full floral effect! You can also opt for floral motifs on servingware, pillows, and linens to also bring your interior to life and embrace the outdoors.