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Introducing Bobby’s Book: Right At Home

Here on, you have the opportunity to read all about design, home decor, and organization every day. And very soon, you’ll have another way to read even more – and make your home feel even more stylish and comfortable – with the launch of Bobby’s book: Right At Home!

Right At Home: How Good Design Is Good For The Mind brings together Bobby’s decade-plus of experience in interior design with his passion for improving mental health. Even though the book doesn’t come out till September, today we’re giving you a sneak peek into what inspired Bobby to write the book – and what you can expect from this handy design guide. Plus, you can pre-order Right At Home RIGHT NOW

bobby’s book

About Right At Home

The way your home makes you feel matters (a lot). After all, it’s your ultimate safe space, refuge, and location for your most intimate conversations and memorable celebrations. So setting it up for comfort, style, and authenticity is essential to your self-care. And that’s exactly why Bobby decided to write Right at Home: to show you how designing your space, no matter what size home you have, has an impact that’s immediate, visceral, and undeniable.


Right at Home will also show you that good design can aid mental wellness – and help you achieve a new sense of happiness within the home. With gorgeous photographs from all our design projects (and all new spaces), Bobby’s tried-and-true tips, and interactive elements, this is the definitive guide to designing your home.


In The Book, You’ll Learn To:


• Articulate what makes you happy so you can land on a design that reflects your truest style

• Prioritize function and comfort so your space works for you (and not the other way around)

• Know what to let go of and what to repurpose so that every room stays organized

• Engage all your senses with texture, contrast, scent, and sound so you can stay in the present

• Understand the emotional impact of color and confidently pick patterns, palettes, and color pops

• Maximize lighting (both natural and artificial) to support a positive mental state

• Boost your mood by bringing plants and nature into your design



Pre-Order Your Copy HERE!