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Make Laundry A Lot Easier: 8 Of Our Best Time Saving Hacks

Design: Cathie Hong

Stains, sweat, and unpleasant odors are unfortunately an inevitable part of life – and laundry. But laundry day doesn’t have to be a dreaded and time-consuming task. With a few smart hacks, adding detergent and sorting socks can actually be a whole lot easier – we promise!     

We’re sharing 8 of our best tips (and products) that will save time and make laundry day much less of a hassle – no matter how many loads or stains you have to tackle! Just keep scrolling to discover them all.



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Sort Whites & Darks Ahead Of Time 

It might seem like a no-brainer, but by simply dropping your whites, darks (and delicates) in a multi-compartment hamper, you’ll save time sorting on laundry day.



Toss In Small Loads As Needed

If an overflowing hamper feels overwhelming, instead try doing small loads of laundry throughout the week. The satisfying feeling of knowing your laundry is complete can also be a real morale booster!

Upgrade To A Smart Machine

Washers and dryers have come a long way, and a smart machine can save you time, energy, and even water! This highly-rated option can actually sense the size of the load and put in the exact amount of water needed and has a built-in pretreat brush for stains!



Multi-Task While You Wash

Loading the washer or folding laundry is also the perfect time to take on other tasks simultaneously. Call friends or family, or catch up on a podcast or audiobook, and you’ll double your productivity.

Cut Your Drying Time In Half

When drying duvet covers, jeans, or other heavyweight items, you can drastically shorten the drying time by placing a large dry towel inside the dryer. The towel will absorb extra moisture and have your load ready in no time!



Use An All-In-One Stain Remover 

Skip specialty stain treatments and simplify your routine with one that works on just about any stain you should possibly encounter. This spray can even lift the toughest stains up to a week later!

Invest In Mesh Laundry Bags 

Always end up with a missing sock after unloading the dryer? We’ve got an easy solution. Just toss them (and any other small or delicate items) into a mesh bag before going into the washer, and you’ll never lose another again!



Ditch The Dryer Sheets 

Say goodbye to disposable dryer sheets and hello to a more effective and eco-friendly option. Wool dryer balls can help decrease drying times, save energy, and have no harsh chemicals. Plus, they can be reused about 1,000 times, leading to considerable savings too!